Kelly and Brad | Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Friday Sept 7th I woke up at 6:30 am Brad wasn’t home yet. He is a policeman here in Orlando and he works the midnight shift, so when he isn’t home when he is supposed to be it naturally causes a little anxiety. I called him and he text me back that he had made a late arrest and was waiting for detectives and would be home as soon as he could be. We were supposed to be going to Cocoa Beach that weekend for our  friend’s birthday and my first thought was that we weren’t going to get out of town as early as we thought because he would have to come home and sleep.

At 8:00 am he still wasn’t home. My phone rang and it was Brad. He asked me if I was home. I said yes. He told me to go downstairs and face the TV. I did as I was told and was completely confused in the process. He told me to look in the drawer below the TV, follow all of the instructions just as they say, don’t skip ahead, don’t call anyone, don’t text anyone, and to only call him in an emergency…..oh ya, and have a great day…..

He then hung up on me. I stood there for a minute not having a clue what he was talking about or what I was supposed to be doing.  I opened the middle drawer to a notebook starting with general instructions very similar to what brad had told me. Then the scavenger hunt began. Clues lead me all over town (our first date, our boat, our gym) then back to our house. While I had been out someone had been in our house and had placed more clues (at the time I thought it was Brad, but little did I know he wasn’t even in the same state). There was dress for me to put on, a bag that was packed and a note telling me a driver would be coming at 10:00 am.

Right at 10:00 am a black suburban came pulling in. He knew exactly where I was going but wouldn’t answer any of my questions. I had a pile of envelopes; all numbered and only to be opened when I was told to. 20 minutes later we pulled up to the airport. I opened my next envelope with my boarding pass….I was going to Charlotte? Once on the plane I was allowed to turn on a pink ipod shuffle that I had never seen before. Brad had loaded it with all of our favorite songs. I couldn’t help but cry at this point!

Once in Charlotte, I opened my next envelope, with my next boarding pass. Charleston!! I had been begging him to take me to Charleston. I still didn’t know where he was or how he was doing all of this but I was soooo excited to find him.

Once I arrived in Charleston my next clue told me to look for a driver in a London cab. Larry was waiting right up front for me. He drove me the Cannonborough Inn. I walked into the most adorable bed and breakfast. The Inn keeper greeted me with a huge smile and said “you must be Kelly. I have something for you.” She then handed me another envelope and walked me to my room. My next clue said that another driver would be picking me up at 5:00 pm. She opened my room and magically my clothes and all of my things were there. Along with an opened bottle of wine and my favorite snacks.  I honestly had no idea where Brad was or how he was putting all of this together. To my knowledge he was still in Orlando when I left so there was no way he could get here before me!

Right at 5:00 pm a driver pulled up downstairs and he took me straight to the marina. Once we got to the marina I opened the last of my clues from the Inn keeper. This clue said to call “Dustin” to take me to my “fate”. I called Dustin as it started to pour. Dustin said he was bringing the sailboat into the marina and he would let me know how to find him once it stopped raining and they were parked. I was getting on a sailboat? This was a joke right? So I ran into the bar at the Marina and had a much needed drink. 20 minutes later it stopped raining and I made my way to the boat slip and found the most beautiful sailboat named “The Fate” (ironic right?).  Once on board Dustin, the captain, lead me down into the cabin where my final clue was along with a small red bag. The clue said to open the bag and use what was inside to look along the shore for Brad; who would be hold something saying “Kelly will you….?” Inside the bag was a pair of binoculars. Dustin handed me a glass of wine and lead me up to the bow of the boat. Where I sat, staring at the bank, waiting…..and waiting. Still no Brad.

After a short ride we came Dustin told me to start looking really hard. I saw someone along the bank, looking back at us through a pair of binoculars and thought it must be Brad. As I turned to say “I think I see him” I see
Brad standing there with two glasses of Champagne. I wish I could remember what I was thinking, but I was so surprised to see him standing there. As he got down on one knee he told me to look at the glass. They were etched with “Will you” and on the other “Marry Me”.

The best part of the whole thing was that Dustin, the captain of the boat, was also a professional photographer. So, although I can’t remember what I was thinking or what Brad said after that, I have the whole thing documented with pictures.

We then spent the most amazing weekend exploring Charleston. Monday morning came way too soon and I was so sad to be packing our bags to drive back to Florida (turns out Brad had driven up from Orlando early Friday morning and a friend had helped him with the clues Friday morning).  As we left the Cannonborough Inn Brad said he had one more stop to make. He stopped at CVS for what I thought was just drinks for the ride home. As he drove through town he said “Lets stop and take one more picture looking out at the river where we were Friday night” and I thought that was a great idea. He drives over towards the river and I see the cruise ship sitting there….as Brad hands me the bag from CVS and tells me to open it. Inside I find motion sickness patches. I thought the surprises were over, but Brad had two more suitcases in the back of the car all ready for a 5 day cruise.

I am stilll not completely sure how he managed to plan such an incredible surprise.  There were so many small details and so many things that could have gone wrong. But, everything was perfect and it was without a doubt the greatest week of my life. Not to mention the greatest proposal I have ever even heard of!

And he didn’t do so bad on the ring, either!