Kelly and Austin

Kelly and Austin's Engagement in Hope Church Richmond, Virginia

How We Met

Austin and I met and had mutual friends in high school and semi- stayed in contact in college. Austin asked me out a few times but it was always the wrong time. When he asked the final time this year, I told him I really just needed a friend and someone that I could share my faith with and he agreed to be that person. It was love at first date. Since date one we have been inseparable, and love to spend our time with family, friends, and our two sweet pups.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hope Church Richmond, Virginia

Proposal Ideas Hope Church Richmond, Virginia

how they asked

On September 27, 2018, Austin asked me to spend forever with him. He told me we were being filmed to help recruit more Sunday School leaders to teach in our children’s ministry. I was nervous about being filmed but totally on board! We got to the church, where our dear friends CariJoy and Andy met us, and CariJoy led me to my first clue.

Kelly's Proposal in Hope Church Richmond, Virginia

At each clue, Austin had arranged for children from our church to be waiting with flowers for me. Each clue’s note was written thoughtfully with his plans for our future, bible verses that were special to us, and why he chose our favorite place to propose.

I cried the entire time and I’m still crying as I type this. I could really see how much thought he put into each part. We are so excited to spend together forever!