Kelly and Anthony


how we met

A now mutual friend posted a picture of her and myself on Facebook. Anthony said “I need to meet that girl who is she?” A few weeks later My friend talked me into going out for the steelers football game. I do not like football at all which is hard to even admit growing up in the city of Pittsburgh but I agreed to go. My friend told Me she wanted to introduce me to someone and said I think you’ll love him! Anthony walks into the bar with another girl and I said “oh he’s with his girlfriend?” It turned out being his good friend. We still didn’t officially meet until I saw him at the next bar where he first says hi and following that says “do you want a shot” I now say he didn’t have me from hello but rather do you want a shot! Three months into dating I was going to Punta Cana on New Year’s Day.


After a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, Anthony asked me if I always do something fun or travel for New Year’s and following that he said he wanted to have a New Year’s Eve wedding. Since we only dated for three months, I shook it off. Anthony told me that the next New Year’s Eve that falls on a Saturday would be the day I marry my best friend. He even put it in my calendar on my phone. Good thing for iCloud!


how they asked

Four years later, on October 30, Anthony proposed. He thought of many different places but the perfect place ended up being in front of our home. That night we planned on celebrating our anniversary because I was sick during the week of it. I came home from work and Anthony wanted to take our dogs for a walk. Our two amazing yorkies! Thankfully I wasn’t still in my chicken costume I wore to work earlier that day. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, so Anthony knew I would love that the house was decorated for the proposal. After our walk, Anthony went to get the mail and I walked to the front door. A cute girl was sitting in front of the house nearby, and I said hi, wishing it was someone interested in the house that was up for sale… Little did I know it was my future wedding photographer!



While I was opening the door Anthony gave me a planner and said, “This is to plan our wedding.” I was so upset and was confused on why he would even say that, but then I turned around and he was down on one knee!





We kept our dinner anniversary plans, but Anthony surprised me with our family and even had my brother and sister-in-law come in front out of town to celebrate. Each year we have our annual Halloween party and it so happened to be the day after our engagement!




All of our friends were able to celebrate with us. But Anthony had one last surprise. Both of our closest friends live out of town and I was sad they couldn’t be there with us, but Anthony surprised me and had them come into town! They came into the party dressed up as kangaroos and I had no clue who they were until I took of their masks. When I found out I was so shocked and happy! 5 years later we are getting married on the day Anthony told me I would marry my best friend, 12.31.16.



Special Thanks