Kelly and Anthony

Where to Propose in Lake Geneva, WI

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Our fourth anniversary fell during a busy and stressful time. We were both traveling a lot for work and decided to throw one more trip into the mix and head to Lake Geneva, WI from Chicago for a relaxing weekend away. On our drive up, Anthony made a call to his insurance broker to discuss a plan for some “personal property”. This didn’t strike me as weird, however overhearing policy chat wasn’t the most romantic way to kick off our anniversary weekend. (I’d later learn that he watched a YouTube video that morning of a proposal on a lake gone horribly wrong where the ring was knocked into the water. Knowing his future wife quite well, that was definitely a possibility.) We stayed at The Abbey for no particular reason and it turned out to be the perfect choice for the unseasonably beautiful early May weekend. Four years of dating means a lot of gifts for a lot of reasons, so we opted to just exchange cards instead and spend our time by the water enjoying the quiet and reading instead of having a big to-do. Our room faced the lake and harbor, so we grabbed our reading material and headed out to sit by the water.

I’ve heard many proposal stories and the wives always seem to have noticed their husbands acting odd leading up to the proposal. I have to give Anthony props for not acting out of the ordinary at all. My only observation in hindsight was he brought his backpack with him. I just thought he wanted options to read. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Anthony suggested we sit by the water in a secluded seating area and exchange our cards. My card to Anthony was especially sappy and I thought I’d take the cake for cards this year. I opened my card from Anthony backwards, so I didn’t see the front, just the inside that was simply signed “- Anthony”. Noticing my mistake and confused look, Anthony suggested I look at the front of the card. Once I realized it wasn’t an anniversary card but instead an engagement card, Anthony dropped to one knee and popped the question. After the excitement (and a lot of tears from yours truly), we had a lovely weekend filled with champagne, ice cream, and celebrating. The most important thing I realized, which would go on to set the tone of everything to follow for our big day, was the proposal was more perfect than I could’ve ever dreamt of because it was completely “us”.