Kelly and Andrew

How We Met: Andrew and I often discuss many paths that brought us together. Somehow through our lives, different occurrences have acted in our favor to bring us to where we are today.  We met during the summer of 2012 at university and working together. We were both experiencing changes in our life at this point and tough circumstances. Andrew’s mother was at the time dealing with a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer (doing better than ever now!) and I was going through a tough breakup.  Early in our relationship we learned that we needed each other and grew close quickly.

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On our *unofficial first date, we went to ColdStone as a lost bet. Andrew took the opportunity during a boring day of work to make a bet and lost on purpose and offered to take me out for ice cream as his end of the deal. Even though at the time this was not classified as an official date, it is now :)  Andrew has become my best friend and I could not imagine my life without him in it. 

how they asked:Andrew and I had been dating for a little over 2 years at this point and I was actually very much ready to get engaged but I was not expecting it in the least bit when Andrew proposed on November 8th, 2014.  Andrew and I had plans to visit a friend in Asheville on this weekend.

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Andrew had gotten tickets to the Biltmore Estate for something fun for us to do while we were in Asheville.  When Andrew and I arrived to the Biltmore we were excited about the perfect weather and decided to take a walk around the gardens while we waited for the tour.  Coincidentally during the visit I unknowingly even stated how beautiful a wedding at the Biltmore would be because it was so picturesque, which made Andrew laugh.

As we walked for a while along with our friend Ben, we found a bench to sit on that had a beautiful view of the gardens with the mountains in the background which was tucked away in trees.  At the time Andrew discretely signaled to Ben to go in the bushes to take pictures of us while he proposed which was part of Andrew’s plan.

As a cover, Ben said he was going to go to the bathrooms and so we were just going to wait on the bench until he got back.  Ben hid in the bushes and Andrew then got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of a zip lock bag. (Andrew later told me the ring box was big and did not want it to show so he put the ring
in a ziplock bag instead)  I honestly thought that he was getting a bag of candy out of his pocket until I realized that it was a ring.


At first I thought he was joking until he began telling me how much he loved me and other sweet things that I can’t remember because I was just in shock at that moment.


Between looking into his eyes and seeing that he meant what he was saying and my happy tears I finally realized it was really actually happening and I managed to say YES! We just held each other for a while and I was soaking it all in.


Ben continued to photograph us during this and then came out to say congratulations.

Afterwards we continued on with our day at the Biltmore and I could not even pay attention to the sights because I kept staring at the new beautiful ring that was on my hand for the rest of the day!  I have never been so happy and I am thankful for everything that he did for me that day.  Nothing can make you happier than knowing someone picked only you out of the billions of people in the world to love forever.

Photos by: Christina Forbes and Ben Bradshaw