Kelly and Andrew

How We Met

It all started when Andrew Facebook friended me on Halloween night of 2015. We chatted about the Boston Bruins, holiday plans, etc. until he finally asked if I wanted to meet at a local bar to watch the next Bruins game together. That quickly turned into me moving in with him 9 months later.

Kelly and Andrew's Engagement in The Gonic Trails

Where to Propose in The Gonic Trails

The events following tested our relationship but we only grew stronger as a couple after I lost my job, we lost his dog, his father was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away, and us having to put down another one of our dogs. Things for us turned around after we got our Siberian Husky puppy and we grew even stronger through the trials and tribulations of training him (we still are).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Gonic Trails

Kelly's Proposal in The Gonic Trails

How They Asked

Labor Day weekend of 2018 we went on a hike with our friends, my sister, and her boyfriend and after taking a photo in front of the waterfall, Andrew got down on one knee and proposed. He already knew my answer was yes but I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! We went back to our friends’ place and celebrated for the rest of the weekend. We’ve already been through so much together that I know we are going to have a strong relationship and great life together. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life!

Special Thanks

Stephanie Rochford
 | Planning
Maryna Demetri
 | Planning
Stephanie & Maryna
 | Photographer