Kelly and Alvaro

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How We Met

4 years ago I saw this new guy in our congregation at church. Of course it sparked an interest in the meeting him a calm, independent guy. After the service a friend introduced him to all of us he was so polite, such a gentlemen. Later that night he messaged me saying how nice it was to meet everyone. A week later I went to Cali for vacation and my friends back home wouldn’t stop telling me about this guy that kept asking for me, he asked about what I liked to do, my family, even my dreams! I came back to someone who knew all about me! Knowing that one of my dreams was to go skydiving, I came back to a guy that had a skydiving adventure all planned and ready to go. He was determined to make my dream come true, and still does! Even then, he was afraid of heights, he jumped out of that plane for me. Throughout that whole year we became and stayed really good friends, don’t get me wrong Al wanted to make me m;ore that a friend by asking me out several times. No other man would be so determined to fight for a girl for a whole year. On May 6th, 2012 Alvaro was graduating and invited me to attend his graduation. It was also his birthday. I went with 2 of our friends and during the ceremony he messages me asking if I had arrived. I lied and said sorry I couldn’t make it and he replied with an “ok”. Right then, that day, is when I realized how much I cared for him, how much he cared for me, how much I didn’t want to disappoint him again. I replied with a picture of us sitting in the crowd, I peeked over to see his reaction and saw the BIGGEST smile on his face while he replied with a smiley face. Again, on May 6th is when I realized how much I wanted to be more than just friends, I truly wanted to make him happy and smile like that time and time again. It took me about a week to admit my feelings for him but since that day my “good” friend became my best friend and now my future husband who continues to make my dreams come true.

how they asked

Alvaro surprised me with a date in the city, which he does often so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Our favorite place in Boston is the harbor after he took me on a surprise Harbor Cruise in the summer. He parked in a garage and told me he wanted to take me to a special place, that’s when he started acting sketchy. We started walking towards the waterfront I looked over at him and he had the biggest smile on his face. When I looked up I saw his best friend Matt with his guitar playing a song he wrote himself called “Superhero”, they both know it’s my favorite song. I started to sense what was going on, as he tells me he has something special for me. It was the most amazing, perfect ring! He proposed, and I said YES!

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He had his friend play my favorite song and a secret photographer hiding down the pier. One always dreams of this moment but when it happens it’s so hard to explain. It was like a dream! Another dream that he made come true!

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Special Thanks

Sophia Glover
 | Photographer
Matt Glover
 | Musician