Kelly and Alex

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cincinnati Reds Stadium

How We Met

Alex & I met in highschool. We were in homeroom together for four years and had several classes together, yet said very little to each other. After highschool we went seperate ways. He went off to play college football; later joining the Army. I stayed around town to work and go to college. We recconected via social media 5 years later and soon exchanged phone numbers. At this time Alex was stationed overseas. A year or so later, he was stationed back in the states, closer to home and he finally worked up the courage to ask me out. After a few dates we decided we wanted to make our relationship work, no matter the distance.

how they asked

In May of 2017 he popped the question! Knowing how much of a Cincinnati Red’s fan I was, he got us tickets to the game when he was home from the Army. We got to the game and I was having a blast. Screaming, cheering, high fiving strangers!! Alex on the other hand was a little quiet & I kept asking if he was okay. He said he was fine; little did I know, he was nervous for what was about to take place. It was the bottom of the third inning and I had to use the bathroom. Alex kept telling me at the end of the inning he would walk with me to the bathroom. I kept insisting I could walk myself, the bathrooms were at the top of our section. I was getting frustrated that he kept telling me to wait! This was the longest inning of my life, with the Red’s scoring six runs. At last, the inning came to an end! Alex turned and said “Look! Rosie Red (team mascot) is coming!”. I didn’t care, I just had to pee! Alex asked “ Want to get a picture with Rosie Red?” My response was “No. I want to go the bathroom!” Rosie Red stopped right in front of us holding a board with the seating layout of the stadium. She turned the board around to face us, and it read “Alex says he only dates winners. But, Kelly, you must be pretty spectacular for him to quit the game… Kelly, will you marry Alex?” I turn and Alex is down on one knee!

I was so shocked, tears of happiness running down my face, I didn’t know what he was saying at the time, I just said Yes! I look to the outfield seats next to us, and see all of our friends and family, cheering and holding a “Congratulations” banner. They even made the jumbotron! Alex definitely hit it out of the park with our engagement! Our wedding date is set for September 14, 2018. We picked the 14th, after former Red’s player Pete Rose.

Kelly's Proposal in Cincinnati Reds Stadium

Special Thanks

Cincinnati Reds Event Coordinator | 
Planned the engagement to take place in the 3rd inning with the assistance of team mascot Rosie Red