Kellsey and John

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Glacier National Park

How We Met

John and I met when he was a patient at my office. Months had gone by after our initial meeting and thanks to good old Facebook, my profile popped up on his “People You May Know” and he took the chance and added me. When he finally asked me for my number I told him “I’ll give you my number, but the only way I will respond is if the first message you send me is a video of you lip syncing Backstreet Boys”. Well, 30 minutes later I had an unread message and it was a video of John with his best lip sync of “I Want It That Way”. He told me “I really wanted a response”.

Kellsey and John's Engagement in Glacier National Park

How They Asked

Fast forward to our birthday trip this year, I had everything booked, planned, and ready for us to go to Glacier National Park, MT. We even had a photographer booked for a couples session in the park. Little did I know John had contacted our photographer about two months prior to tell her he planned on surprising me with a proposal during our shoot. When the time finally came John signaled to Elsa that it was about to happen. She told him to “sneak attack” me with a big hug while I had my back turned. John cane up behind me and instead of a hug, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the perfect sunrise fairytale and I’m beyond thrilled to be marrying the love of my life.


Special Thanks

Elsa Eileen
 | Photographer