Kellie and Tim

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How We Met

To say that Tim and I’s relationship is a long story would be an amusing understatement. We met sophomore year of college at Ohio University out at dinner one night with mutual friends. I had a boyfriend at the time and he was in a long-distance relationship. We weren’t what you would call instant friends…I was an outgoing 19-year-old who wasn’t afraid to say what I was thinking and Tim was more reserved and my forwardness made him uncomfortable. As a result, he was a little standoffish at first and I was sure he didn’t like me at all.

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Despite our initial impressions, we started spending more time together and Tim soon became my best guy friend. We found excuses to hang out throughout the week—farmer’s market trips on Saturday mornings, Thursday night chick flick marathons; we even joined the same intramural softball team. The years passed, both our previous relationships ended and we remained “just” friends. We ignored the constant encouragement from our friends to “just date already” and insistences that we “would definitely get married some day” because they thought we were perfect for each other.

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We denied our feelings until the last few weeks of senior year. With graduation just days away, Tim sat me down and finally admitted that he had had strong feelings for me the entire time. I slowly exhaled and confessed that I felt the same way. As cliche as it sounds, we waited until the last minute. That may have been the end (or beginning) of our story, if I hadn’t been moving 4,000 miles across the ocean. I was commissioning into the Air Force and they were sending me to England for the next two years. We sadly agreed not to take things any further and for the next couple years we barely spoke.

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I always wondered about him and missed him. Nearly two years to the date after sharing our feelings for each other, I reached out to Tim to invite him to be my date for my best friend’s wedding. I was coming back home for it and wanted a familiar face to share a fun night with. He accepted and as soon as we saw each other, we instantly relaxed back into our old ways. It was as if no time had passed and quite clear that the feelings had never truly gone away. A few months later, he came out to Europe to visit. We spent a wonderful week in Italy and not long after (to the delight of our friends), we made our relationship “Facebook official” and started dating.

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how they asked

Once my time in England was up, the Air Force again sent me to live across another ocean—this time to Hawaii. I was worried at first about the long distance, but Tim assured me that we would get through it. He traveled the thousands of miles from Indianapolis to Oahu many times, so that we could see each other. We had talked about getting engaged, but wasn’t expecting him to propose for awhile. We still had a year or two of long distance ahead of us and I didn’t think he would want to propose until we could be together. I was preparing for Tim to fly into Oahu on a Friday for a visit that weekend. He told me that he would be really busy with work all Thursday and wouldn’t have much time to call or text me throughout the day. I didn’t think twice about it and just focused on his upcoming arrival.

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My friend, Kaitlin, invited me to a girls’ dinner at a resort on the west side of the island for Thursday night, so after work that day, I headed over to meet her. When I arrived at the resort, I called Kaitlin and she told me to walk down to the beach nearby where they waiting for our table to open up. I slowly made my way down to the beach (getting lost along the way) and as I reached the sand, I immediately saw Tim standing there. I was flooded with excited at the fact that he was here—early! I ran up and hugged him. Kaitlin was hiding in some bushes—snapping pictures.

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He got down on one knee, presented a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. Without hesitation, I said, “Yes!”The evening sun romantically set on the beach as we stood there on the sand. It was absolutely perfect. Our novel of a love story began its next chapter.

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Special Thanks

Kaitlin Daddona
 | Photographer