Kellie and Mike


Mike and I first met while Mike was training bootcamps for Camp Gladiator in St. Pete. I was working out as a camper for the same group but down in Sarasota. All of the trainers had a group outing at South Lido Beach in Sarasota that was supposed to be a trainer only outing but some of us campers decided to crash the party. That is when we first met and began to talk. Mike will tell you to this day that his dance moves to “Watch me Whip, watch me nae nae” was the reason why he hooked me that day. It may have had something to do with it.


Mike had planned the proposal for about 3 months. Since we met through the bootcamp, he proposed at a workout. It was rather fitting. He prepped 40+ campers for months for the proposal workout and had been tricking me for months that he had hired a videographer to come out and tape a promo-video for his workouts. Well, with 40 campers and a videographer out there we had a “promo video” In which at the end of the workout, I quickly learned that he had something else up his sleeve. Everyone yelled surprise and Mike was down on a knee . Of course I said yes.

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