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How We Met

It starts with the dinosaurs… kind of. I co-wrote a musical called Triassic Parq. This is a musical about Jurassic Park from the perspective of the dinosaurs. The show had just finished a successful run at the SOHO Playhouse during the summer of 2012. A small store front theater in Southern California heard about the show and wanted to add it to their upcoming season for 2013. My only contingency was that they had to let me direct the show, like I did in NYC, so that there could be more changes made to the script before sending it to licensing. The theater, known as Chance Theater, agreed!

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Unbeknownst to me this was the very theater that Kellie had been working for the past three and half years. And she just happened to be in the late night holiday show, playing a reindeer, at the time I arrived to have auditions. I saw Kellie’s headshot on the wall and asked the company manager, “Who is that? Is she auditioning for me?” The company manager sent the production manager to ask Kellie if she was planning to audition, since the director specifically asked. She wasn’t planning on it, but decided, why not?

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Kellie went a couple days later to the audition, and when she walked in, something was very interesting about me. I thought the same about her. Kellie was cast in the show as T-Rex 2, and I spent the following week in absolute turmoil for how much I liked Kellie. I really wanted to ask her out. Everyone I talked to; my host I stayed with during rehearsals, my brother, my friends, my dad, they all said it was weird since I was technically her boss. I agreed and decided if anything were to happen between us, it would have to be up to Kellie to make the first move. Let’s just say even though it was habit for her to lock her keys in her car, maybe fate gave her a little push to do so after that first week of rehearsal. Clearly we didn’t really want to waste any time. Our relationship blossomed from there. The only big snag was that Kellie lived in California, and I lived in NY. But, Kellie decided after the show’s run to buy a one-way ticket to NYC and try it! And that was nearly six years ago. We have been living happily with our dog Broccoli Robin working towards our dreams ever since.

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how they asked

I devised a big elaborate hoax to get her to have the idea to take a walk through Central Park. As we did, she heard a cappella singers in the distance. We approached and conveniently the singers were singing her favorite song (Carol King’s Where You Lead) – since the Gilmore Girls’ revival had just come back to Netflix, she assumed it was a rehearsal for some press event, so when I tapped her shoulder during the final chord, she brushed it off as if to say “shh, I’m listening.” I tapped her more persistently, making her turn to me, I got down on one knee and asked her to spend her life with me. After I asked her for verbal confirmation (she had started crying and skipped the part where she said yes), about fifty of our closest friends popped up from behind trees and bushes, and we had a champagne toast in the middle of the park with city skyline poking up from behind the trees. It was beautiful, but honestly, I had to lie so much to plan and pull that thing off without her knowing. I never want to lie to her again.

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