Kellie and JP


how we met

JP and I actually met when we were in preschool. Neither of us remembers it, but of course my mom has provided the yearbook evidence to prove this. Our families live in Cedar Rapids, IA and ironically our houses were about a 5 minute walk from each other’s. We went to separate elementary schools and then started attending the same school again around 8th grade. We ran with different crowds for a while, but were always friendly. JP was the nicest and he was SO FUNNY. Everyone loved him. In our senior year, we actually were both nominated for Homecoming King and Queen and walked in together to the annual “Homecoming Bonfire.” We didn’t win (mind you this same situation happened for Prom King and Queen….always a bridesmaid never a bride? haha!), but it was always so fun. We began dating the end of our senior year of high school, knowing we would be going to separate colleges 6 hours away. I went to Saint Louis University and JP went to University of Northern Iowa. Our first year of college was great; we visited and talked every night, but that next summer we made the surprisingly grown-up decision to break up and see what was out there. If we were meant to be, we’d find each other again. Years went by; we graduated college, JP started working in Iowa and I started medical school in Omaha, NE. We sporadically would keep in touch and every time we were home, we always hoped to see each other. That strong pull to each other that we had in high school never really died. Near the end of my medical school, we were both single and I texted him something irrelevant, just to get a dialogue started. Text turned to phone call, which progressed to a date in Cedar Rapids, to a visit to Omaha, to him helping me move to Chicago for residency, and finally JP also moving to Chicago. One day, right before he left Omaha after a visit, we were both emotional because we had such a great weekend and didn’t want it to end. He randomly blurted out “I love you…and you want to know how I know I love you? It’s because I never stopped.” And the rest is basically history.


how they asked

We had an amazing wedding the night before and so many of our friends were in town that weekend. JP already had the ring and the plan to do the proposal early the next morning…I had no idea and wanted to dance the night away. He lured me home with bribes of pizza, which I eagerly accepted and we managed to get a decent night sleep. He had been telling me all day on Saturday that he had a “friend taking clients on a boat” for the Air and Water Show. He said there was a possibility that the clients may cancel and if they did, we were obligated to go on the boat to fill the spots. The next morning, I was moving a little slow and JP said the clients cancelled, we got the spots on the boat and had to leave the house pretty early. We got to the lake front near North Ave Beach, which is where we always run. We were waiting for his “friends” to show up and all of a sudden he waves and I stand up looking for them. When I turned around he was on one knee with the ring, saying all kinds of amazing things about our future and life together.



His sister and brother-in-law were hiding in the crowd of people waiting for The Air and Water Show, taking videos and pictures. Afterwards, we walked home and I wanted to call friends to do brunch, but JP kept saying we needed to go home for a second and Facetime with our parents. Naturally, being difficult, my response was “But my parents don’t even HAVE Facetime!” When we got home, we walked up to the patio and BOTH of our families had driven in from Iowa and all of our friends were there waiting for us to celebrate. I lost my mind. It was the best day.

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