Kellie and Ian

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How We Met

Ian and I never really knew of eachother in high school. We kind of ran circles around our friend groups. I was dating someone else when I was introduced to Ian. My boyfriend at the time took me to Ian’s family’s farm all the time and that’s where I fell in love with horses and eventually met the horse I would later on purchase. They were best friends and they both moved to Colorado to go to school. Fast forward 2 years, we are both single and Ian is home in Wisconsin for a break he has in school. We ran into eachother at his family’s farm and we started hanging out every day that he was around. He was going through a rough time and I told him when he left to head back that if he needed to talk I’d always be around. This started with us texting every day until Christmas break. I was still casually dating and he finally told me that he wished that I wouldn’t go out with these guys and wait for him to come home on break so he could take me on a real date. Fast forward to the date and we were inseparable the whole break and his second to last day in town he asked if we could be exclusive and of course I said yes please. Since then we did long distance with almost a full year of traveling back and forth. Later, Ian graduated from college and moved home to be closer to me.

And the rest is history.

Kellie's Proposal in Mount Evans, Colorado

Proposal Ideas Mount Evans, Colorado

how they asked

Fast forward 2-1/2 more years and we are on a trip to Colorado, which has become one of our favorite places, Ian has a really good friend from college that lives out there and I was told that the trip would involve helping move his buddy and his girlfriend to a townhouse in Denver. Apparently a majority of their things had been packed up already so I thought this would be a piece of cake, until I got to their house and saw all the work we had to do yet. We decided to drive up to Mount Evans that night since I’ve never been there. We drove mostly to the top and hiked the last bit. I was exhausted from our flight at 5am that morning to running around all day so climbing that last bit of mountain was brutal considering me not being used to elevation. I didn’t think I would make it to the top but was convinced to take it slow. Once we got to the top we noticed the sun was just about set and Ian pulled me in for a hug and immediately got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

If I wasn’t going to faint or pass out from the elevation this was going to make that happen. At 14,264 ft on Mount Evans my best friend asked me to be his for the rest of our lives, I gladly accepted!

Special Thanks

Andrew Hammond
 | Ian's Best Friend
Kaya O'Brien
 | Ian's Best friend's Girlfriend