Kellie and Danny

How We Met

We met Freshman year of high school in Biology. We had a crazy teacher so we talked during class and realized we had some of the same friends, but somehow just never met before. We became good friends after that.

How They Asked

Kellie knew I was going to be proposing at some point. She is really good at figuring things out, so my number one goal was to surprise her. I got the ring from my family while we were visiting in California. We then flew into Nashville to pick up our pets at her parents place, and had to distract her for a minute to show her dad the ring and get his blessing. A few weeks after getting back, I had two friends invite us to a nice dinner at a steakhouse. I knew it had to be them inviting us or she would know something was up. I spent the entire day before and day of writing a poem that I would read to her when I asked. After dinner we walked over to a mini pier overlooking a pond. I pulled out the poem I had written. At this point she knew what was happening. At the end of the poem, I got down on one knee and finally popped the question. I made sure our friends were there to record the whole thing. It was a success, she loved it, we have the poem framed on the wall, and she had no idea it was happening.

Special Thanks