Kellie and Chad

How We Met: Chad was the “Elite Athlete” of the facility and with his 6’5” stature I couldn’t help but find my eyes drifting his way.  The small privately owned gym only had enough space for free weights, a bench press and a few pull up bars.  With forty members everyone at least knew of each other, but I had never seen him here before.  My dormant bashful side came full force when it came to talking to cute boys.  Not knowing how to get his attention, I just remained silent.

“How was the workout?”

Kellie he’s talking to you!!! Wake up!

“Oh! Hey.  Um, good! I mean tough.  Really tough, phew.” Omg, he’s talking to me!  Keep up the conversation, omg omg omg what do I say?  “Have you worked out yet?”

“Yeah, I did my own workout”

“Oh really? What’d you do?”

“Just some pull-ups, overhead squats, and kettlebell swings”

He was just what I had been waiting for.  At my height of 5’10” it was such a fine balance to find someone who’s eyes I could look up at and who I could kiss on my tip toes.  He was the one.

how they asked: In May 2011, Kellie and I take a weekend trip to a beach in Florida for Kellie’s friend’s wedding.  The wedding is on a Saturday, so the next day, Sunday, is a day for Kellie and me to spend together.

For dinner, I take Kellie to a restaurant that overlooks the ocean.  We look through large glass windows into the fiery colors of the sun setting across the ocean.  We eat everything from appetizers to dessert.  By the time I have paid the bill, the sun has disappeared.  I ask Kellie if she wants to go for a moonlit beach walk.  She responds “yes,” so we take off our dress shoes and walk barefoot through the cool sand.  As the moon shines across the ocean, I stop Kellie to hold her.  I tell her, “Kellie, I want to be with you forever.”

She looks up at me and says, “Yeah, Baby, I want to be with you forever, too.”

My heart starts racing.  “I got something for you.”  As she looks at me, I reach into my pocket and pull out a small box.  I bend down onto one knee, open the box and ask, “Kellie, will you marry me?”

Immediately, tears are pouring down her face.  She musters out, “YES!  I will.”

Her overwhelming emotion causes me to tear up.  I stand so that she can see the ring that is shining in the bright moonlight.  I pull the ring out of the box and ask her, “Are you ready?”

Her voice is quivering.  She is still crying, “Yes, I’m ready, Baby.”

The ring slides with ease onto her finger.  It fits perfectly.  She looks at me with wet eyelashes and says, “I love you.”
“I love you, Sugar.”

She stares at the ring that is shining despite the darkness.  I grab her hand and we take off for a walk down the beach.  The waves crash near our feet.  We stay on the cool sand.  As we walk by two teenagers, one of them says, “Congratulations, guys.”

Photos by Thu Tran with 2Tphoto based out of Atlanta