Kelli Anne and Levi

Image 2 of Kelli Anne and LeviHow we met: It was about a month into college when I first met Levi. To be honest, I didn’t think anything of it, until we sat next to each other in a New Testament survey class our first semester sophomore year. The next semester he asked me out on our first date. I was so nervous I could barely eat dinner! But as fate would have it, he would be the one I would chose to spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked: It was my first time visiting Levi’s home town of Graham, Texas. His mother, sister and I were on our way to what was supposed to be Levi’s birthday party, at this nice restaurant, on the edge of town, when his moms gets pulled over. Thry were both freaking out but I wasn’t the one driving so why would I be nervous? Lol. When the cop approaches the car he asked for both hers and my drivers license. I thought it was odd but I complied anyways. A few minutes later the cop walked over to my side of the car and asked me to exit to vehicle. He then explains that my record showed that I had drug trafficking and that I needed to open the back of the covered truck to see if we were carrying any. Crazy right! So I opened the tail gate and to my surprise me there was a sign that said “Marry Me?” I turned around and saw Levi getting out of the cop car. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I of course said yes :) He planned everything, even where the surprise photographer would hide and where the cop would pull us over. He did an amazing job and I can’t wait to call him my husband.

Image 1 of Kelli Anne and Levi

Photos by Miranda Taack