Kelli and Shane

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How We Met

Shane and I met online. June 30, 2015 we exchanged emails back and forth for several hours, and it was as though we had known each other for years. We continued to talk via email, and texting for about two weeks. On July 10th 2015 Shane invited me on our first date. We met at the Mall of America and ate dinner and walked around the mall. We were at dinner for over 2.5 hours talking as though there was no such thing as time. When we were leaving the restaurant the servers were clapping and said they were just here for over 2.5 hours! We walked away from that night, knowing something very special had been ignited. The following several weeks he and I would spend time together, hiking through parks, enjoying some Dairy Queen, visiting family and there was absolutely not a lack of laughter in our time together. June 22, 2015 Shane asked me to officially be his girlfriend. I knew then it was a dream come true and that we’d not be going anywhere anytime soon but forward. We’ve never been your “typical” couple, we just knew things are going fast and ran with it.

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Below is our first date at Dicks Last Resort Mall of America July 10, 2015

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July 22, 2015 the night Shane asked me to be his girlfriend

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how they asked

Shane grew up in Hastings, MN and there is a summer festival in town called “River Town Days.” The last 10+ years he has participated in the River Town Days tennis tourney. This weekend holds a special place in his heart as his father passed away in 2006 and ever since then Shane has dedicated this weekend in honor of his Dad. Shane’s life literally is placed on hold for this special weekend in town. Family and friends all join in cheering he and his tennis partners on in the more often than not 85 and higher temps in the hot sunshine. My first time cheering Shane on was in July 2015 when we first started dating. It was then that I learned about a sport I had never understood, met his mom, uncle and other family members for the first time and more than anything grew to love a man deeply. Fast forward to River Town Days 2017, another hot summer day in between tennis matches Shane had been acting a little antsy all morning as well as the evening before, but I totally oblivious just chocked that up to him being nervous about the tournament.

After his men’s double match around 1230 he came up to me w/ a smirk on his face and dropped to one knee and said “I may not have been a winner in that match, but I’ll always be a winner with you in my life. Will you marry me?” Queue the tears and all kinds of random speechless thoughts, I of course said yes!

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