Kelli and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I have been dating for 5 years now. We are high school sweethearts that started dating our junior year. He was a varsity football player and I was a varsity cheerleader. I actually started our “talking” by asking if I could be his cheerleader for the up coming football season and of course he said yes.

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From there we went on one date where we were both super awkward and 5 minutes after dropping me off he text me and said “so can I call you my girlfriend?” I replied yes and we have been together ever since. We are both now at the University of Houston about to graduate. I am studying to become an elementary teacher and he is studying to become a physical therapist. Through everything we have been through the past 5 years we have become best friends and each others world.

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how they asked

So I was kind of suspicious that something was going to happen soon so Kyle actually had my sister talk to me the night before about how he was procrastinating and that it was never going to happen anytime soon. So the day of I was clueless because she had made it seem like there was just no way it was going to happen. It was Sunday morning and my sister was going to drive back to college station and told me that her boyfriend found a coupon to go horseback riding on their way back and they had wanted Kyle and I to join them. I had been wanting to go horseback riding for such a long time that I was in. She even made a fake coupon and everything to throw me off even more.

So we drove out there and I kinda made a comment about how far out it was and that it was so weird it found a coupon for this place but I did not think much more about it after that. We arrived and the owners and instructors greeted us and got us on horses and we started our ride. After about 5 minutes into the trail ride I saw the first sign and I was like “what” still kind of confused and clueless. Then the second and third sign came and I knew it was possible that it was about it happen. So after we rounded the fourth tree everyone kind of stopped and Kyle got off his horse and then came to get me off of mine. We walked towards this huge oak tree he had picked out to propose in front of.

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He got down on one knee and I was so shocked and excited I almost fell over. After that we finished the rest of the trail ride and it was amazing.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Gilbert
 | Sister (she helped put it altogether)
Thomas Ebeweber
 | Sister's Boyfriend
Niki Henson
 | Owner of the ranch where he proposed