Kelli and Jordan

Image 2 of Kelli and Jordan

How We Met

It was the summer of 2010, and we were both about to go into Sophomore year. Jordan attended Marquette Catholic High School in Michigan City, IN and I was a student at Crown Point High School. After spending a night at the fair with my girlfriends, I decided to log onto Facebook. I received a Facebook message from a “Jordan Zawada.” I noticed we only had one mutual friend, so I decided to respond and see where it would go. We chatted on Facebook for a little while that night, and something just felt right instantly. We exchanged cell phone numbers and immediately started texting back and forth… all day, every day. Texting turned in to late-night phone calls.

After about a month of us talking and getting to know each other, (mind you.. we had never actually met in person), I worked up the courage to ask Jordan to my Homecoming dance. Surprised but excited, Jordan said yes! I remember being so excited but so nervous.

Jordan was worried our first time meeting could be awkward and we would’ve been stuck with each other for hours at the dance together, so he decided to meet me at the Homecoming football game the Friday night before the dance. Here, he met some of my friends and we watched the game together. My dad drove him home that night, and I remember feeling so comfortable and excited for Saturday night.

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Jordan and his parents met at my parent’s house before the dance to take pictures, and off to the dance, we were headed. We had the most memorable “first date” together, where we even shared our first kiss during a slow dance to what has been our song “You and Me” by Lifehouse since then.

Since we were only 15 years old and lived an hour away from each other, we would only see each other Friday and/or Saturday nights. Our parents would drive us back and forth and meet up in Valpo. We would still text each other all day and talk on the phone before bed every night or Skype. I can remember many times Jordan would fall asleep on the phone while we were talking! In such a short time I feel like Jordan was already my best friend. I could tell him anything, and we would talk about everything in our lives. We got to be so comfortable with each other in such a short time. Jordan officially asked me to be his girlfriend on October 22, 2010.

How They Asked

Jordan texted me a week or two before his birthday while he was at work about an idea that he had of something he wanted to do for his birthday. I was excited because I usually make the plans, and it sounded like he had the whole day planned out! Little did I know, he had a second agenda…

So for Jordan’s birthday, he decided he wanted to take a day trip flying up in the air around Valpo, Michigan City, and the Dunes. As we sat on the plane, our pilot (our friends’ niece) said that it was the company’s policy to record the flight… without hesitation, I agreed. I was extremely nervous because of how small the plane was, but I felt comfortable with Jordan at my side… after all, I was still convinced this is what he wanted for his birthday! We were able to pick out some spots in Valpo as we flew over, and we headed towards LaPorte where we circled over his childhood home. After that, we headed to the lakefront in Michigan City and flew all the way along the lakefront towards the Indiana Dunes.

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As we approached the Dunes, Jordan pointed over my shoulder and asked me, “What is that?” I glanced over and saw the “Kelli, will you marry me?” sign. I know I wasn’t able to make out the whole sign, but I do remember reading, “Kelli, will you?” and I instantly made the connection before my eyes filled with tears. I remember feeling, “OMG this is finally it!!!” I couldn’t even look into Jordan’s eyes because I was so shocked and everything at that moment felt so surreal. Jordan asked me to marry him, and all I could do was nod my head because I was so emotional. I could not actually verbalize “yes!”

Jordan had so much “behind the scenes” coordination going on with everyone who attended to make sure this day was nothing short of perfect. We had the perfect weather for flying, and our closest family members and friends were down on the beach with the sign, waiting, and watching us fly over. This particular spot was important to us because we had spent a whole day with some of our closest friends on the beach with our dogs, and Jordan knew I wanted our proposal to be on a beach! I waited 9 1/2 years for this special day, and I am still in awe of how perfect this day was. I hope to never come down from this cloud nine.

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