Kelli and Derrek

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How We Met

Derrek and I met on November 29, 2013, we both attended a benefit for a man who passed away who was dear to the both of us in different ways. At the benefit I mentioned to my twin sister and my best friend that there was a really good looking guy at the table next us and continued on with my night. After the benefit my older brother insisted on going to a dive bar which I didn’t have any interest in going to! Little did I know that I would be meeting the man of my dreams, Derrek Michael! When I walked in, right away I noticed the “good looking guy” from the benefit. Since I had a couple of drinks in me I made my way up to the bar to talk to him and that’s where it all began! After talking to him for hours I went back to my twin sister and said “I’m in love, I’m going to marry him one day!”

A month later we went on our first date to Ralph’s Restaurant in Philadelphia, which reassured me that this guy was a keeper!

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how they asked

On November 24, 2016, Derrek and I were heading to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner! Derrek knows that Thanksgiving Day is both my favorite holiday, as well as my mother’s! My parents invited Derrek’s family to join this year, which I didn’t think anything of because our families do a lot of things together. We ate Thanksgiving dinner, which was amazing as usual! I was doing some dishes and walks in my niece with a different shirt on; which right away I read “Aunt Kelli, Will you marry Derrek?” and right behind her was Derrek who got down on one knee and said “Kelli, will you marry me?” with the biggest smile on his face. Hands down the best moment and day of my life!

Family means the world to both Derrek and myself, and both of our families were there!

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