Kelli and David

How We Met: We met at a birthday party for our friend Jes (Jessica). Kelli and Jes were in photography school together at Trident Tech in North Charleston, SC. and I had gone to high school with Jes. in Anderson SC at T.L. Hanna High. In high school I knew Jes, but we never really hung out together or became friends. However, Jes and I actually met through in Charleston SC. (This was before I knew Kelli). After a few emails through, Jes and I discovered that we went to the same high school together and that broke the ice immediately. We went on a few dates, however it didn’t work out as a relationship. But Jes invited Kelli and I both to her birthday party on Nov. 4, 2010.  There were about 20-25 people at her house and we were just drinking and hanging out, and Jes knew that I played and like video games and she pointed me to Kelli who was alone on her couch and said that she is a pretty big “gamer” herself. So I got the guts and introduced myself. (We later found out that Jes wanted to see us together because from what she knew about both of us, she thought we would be a perfect match for each other). I sat down with her and we talked for almost 3 hours (mainly about video games, but just other things, like hobbies and other interests, etc). At the end, I asked for her number, and a month later (Dec. 3rd to be exact, I asked her to be my girlfriend).

how they asked: Kelly and I are both ” HUGE Disney nerds” so I wanted to propose on our trip to DisneyWorld.   I didn’t want a cliche proposal like proposing at the Castle and having a cast member bring out the engagement ring in a glass slipper, so I hired The Heart Bandits to help me come up with something different.  You can see from the video how it all turned out.

First, I surprised Kelli with a horse and carriage ride around the resort.  After the ride, we walked over to the Magnolia House and Gazebo.  Kelli was completely shocked when strangers in black outfits with white ties began handing her lilies, her favorite flowers.  Each lily was tenderly wrapped in green bows, her favorite color.  She had no idea what was happening and as she kept walking, she saw more guys in black outfits and white ties.  They began singing “Once Upon A Dream,” our song, and that is when she realized it was all for her.  After the serenade, I proposed to the love of My life and she said yes.  But the surprises didn’t end there.  I turned Kelly around to reveal a green banner that said “You’re a dream come true” held by her parents who traveled to Orlando just to witness it all.

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