Kelli and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I met in high school in 2011 through a mutual friend. I was 16 in junior year and he was that really attractive senior football player that I’ve always crushed on but thought he was way too out of my league. Until one day, I was with a few of my friends working on a school project, when one of them (the mutual friend) pulled me aside and told me that Chris Spadaccini is really into me and wants to come over and hang out. What?!?! I could not get my chin off the floor. All I kept saying was “Me?! He’s into ME?” And so that day we were introduced. At the end of the day, he left his number in my mailbox and the rest is history! We were high school sweethearts. This picture is us after my junior prom!

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how they asked

He proposed after 6 amazing years of dating. We finished high school, went through college, and began our careers by each other’s sides, cheering each other on, being the best team we could be. He asked me to marry him on June 2nd, 2017 in the most romantic and perfect way!! There is this barn in my hometown that I have always loved. Every time I drive past it, I have to slow down and just admire it’s beauty. Well, on this day, I was away with my mom on a daytrip at the Country Living Fair doing what we do best…antique-ing!

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I assumed Chris was at work, as he was texting me telling me about his crazy workload for that day and that he was probably going to be getting home late. When my mom and I returned, we had plans to get dinner with Chris’s mom and his sister. This is totally normal and not out of the ordinary; our families became super close over the years!! After dinner and on our way home, we drove by the barn. Except we didn’t keep driving, but instead we turned into the driveway. I knew this was private property and I didn’t understand why they thought it was okay to just pull into some random persons home. But when I got out and was escorted over to the barn, this was what I saw. My adorably handsome man was standing inside, with lights and candles and pictures of us decorated all around. Right then and there, it all clicked. My whole life and my future was standing in front of me. After all the time it took me to walk over to him after I had to keep stopping to drop my head in my hands and ugly cry, he finally took my hands, got down on his knee, used my full name, and asked me to marry him. He made this moment so incredibly perfect and better than my wildest dreams. And of course…I said YES!!

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Special Thanks

Melissa (my best friend!)
 | Photographer