Kelli and Brent

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How we met

Before we were officially introduced Brent and I crossed paths a couple different times at weddings of mutual friends. Kelly Herring had also mentioned to us both that we should meet but neither of us were in pursuit of a relationship. This all changed on April 11th, 2015. I (Kelli) was supposed to be in Greenville that weekend but after I had a terrible week of a car accident and then a break in, I stayed in Columbia and ended up going to The Master’s party at Kelly and Brent Herring’s house. Little did I know that Brent, who lives in Greenville was also there. We were introduced and Brent turned on the charm! We had a fun night and enjoyed each others company but I was a little disappointed when Brent did not ask for my number… Until the next day when he got it from Kelly.

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Within the next couple days Brent called and asked me on our first real date. We talked every day from that day on. He made quite the impression on our first date, picking me up at my house, opening doors, and being the sweet southern gentleman that he is. From that night on, it was history. We continued to go on dates, met each others friends and families and just loved spending time together. Everyone who knew us could tell this would be something special. On the 4th of July we officially became a couple and on September 17th we were saying “I love you”. We are thankful to our friends and families and especially to God for loving and supporting us on our life journey together.

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how they asked

Brent and I were taking a final beach trip before I had to start back to school. I didn’t *know* this would be the engagement weekend but I was really hoping! We woke up at the beach Friday morning and Brent suggested that we take a walk on the beach before it got too hot. As we walked I tried to venture into the water to play on the sandbars but Brent would not come with me because “he had his phone in his pocket.” After getting pinched by a crab, spilling coffee all down my shirt and nearly falling into the ocean while laughing at myself, I finally came back to shore and Brent took a big sigh of relief.

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He started telling me how much he loved me and next thing I knew, he was down on one knee with a BEAUTIFUL ring, asking me to marry him. Of course. I said YES!

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We spent the rest of the day soaking up the excitement and calling friends and family to share our news. The next day, Brent had planned for some of our closest friends to join us at the beach to celebrate. The weekend was just perfect.

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