Kelli and Austin

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Austin and I had been dating for three years and three months when we went skiing with his entire family up in Snowshoe, West Virginia this past New Years. I had never been skiing before and I was so excited! I have always wanted to be proposed to in the snow, but I was 99% positive that Austin would not ask me on this trip because I didn’t think he had asked my dad yet or had gotten a ring. On our second day of skiing, he took me on a surprise date!

He had mentioned earlier that he would like to take me out one night and get some alone time, since we date long distance normally we don’t get a lot of that. He drove us to the most gorgeous stables. It was right on a snow covered hill where the horses were grazing and it looked like a painting.

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We went inside to sign wavers and the older couple who owned the stable was precious. The lady said that they were updating their website and asked if she could take pictures of us throughout the ride. Of course we said yes! When we walked back outside, there was a horse drawn carriage waiting for us!!! I couldn’t believe it. The horses had jingle bells and there was a blanket we could use to help us stay warm. We went along a beautiful path next to a frozen pond and tons of evergreens covered in snow. The entire time I felt like I was in a dream because I had never seen anything so beautiful. After we went a long ways, Austin and I stepped out so the carriage could turn around. We walked a little ways and then Austin started talking about us, read a passage, knelt down and proposed!!

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It was the sweetest thing ever and I have never been so happy. After talking some more and taking in the moment, we got back on the carriage and rode back. Once we got back to the hotel, Austin’s entire family was waiting for us to return! We celebrated all night! In talking with Austin later, he had asked my dad back in September and had been planning with the owners of the stables for months! It could not have been a more perfect start to our forever!

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Peggy and Skip
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