Kelli and Anthony's Super Sweet Proposal

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Saturday, April 11th, we woke up and it was like any other Saturday when he flew in to visit. We sat on the back porch while I drank coffee (he’s more of a diet coke type of person) and he asked if we’d like to get lunch. After a quick lunch at my favorite restuarant, he pulled up to a nail salon, and said he wanted me to get my nails painted. Anthony has always been thoughtful and it was our 14 month anniversary, so I didn’t see anything out of the norm with this.

We went back home after and he suddenly said he was going to leave to get a little surprise, and for me to relax while I waited. I gladly agreed (a surprise plus I get to relax? yes please) and decided to lie down for a nap, quickly waking to a knock on my door with my best friend holding Starbucks-don’t get me wrong, she’s sweet and thoughtful, but this was strange. I then noticed all of his belongings were gone! I finally drove her crazy enough for her to tell me I had a “nice little surprise” coming, but not until after we ran an errand for her. I put a pretty little dress on for the occasion and off we went! Our errand was to pick up something from our friend who is a security guard at this lovely hotel downtown, The Remington.

We pulled up and I followed her up the winding staircase, when I heard a violin and saw the crimson velvet curtains draped closed. My heart immediately started racing as I thought, “surely this isn’t happening?!” I entered the curtains and saw the love of my life looking more handsome than I have ever seen. (He rented a hotel room at the Remington to get dressed up without my knowing.) I looked and saw my best friend-with Andy Roberts Photography- standing with his camera, smiling, who motioned for me to walk in.

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I was surrounded by candles, there was the largest most beautiful bouquet of flowers beside him, and live music behind him. He spoke the most beautiful poetic words to me while I laughed, cried, and shook, and then it happened! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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After I kissed him and said “YES!” with the ring (ROCK) on my finger, my parents came up to join us and we all shared a dinner he had catered to the hotel. The word magical doesn’t even come close.

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I love him, I love him, I love him!

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Photos by Andy Roberts Photography