Kelley and Salvatore

How We Met

Sal and I met the fall of our junior year at Syracuse University as next door neighbors living off campus. Our two houses shared a driveway, so we would see each other in passing and usually ended up at the same parties and social events since our roommates always hung out together.

Kelley's Proposal in Our Apartment

Not long after officially meeting at a Halloween party one night (and after poking fun at my extremely low-effort costume) Sal asked me out on a sushi date and we went on to be each other’s dates at our fall formals before I left to study abroad in London the next semester. We managed to continue our relationship while I was abroad (thanks to FaceTime and a good WiFi connection!) and continued to date our senior year of college. After we graduated, we did two years of long distance dating – and driving back and forth on weekends from Philadelphia to D.C. to see each other.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our Apartment

After Sal was accepted to medical school last spring, we moved in together this past summer and adopted our rescue puppy, Addie, together in January!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our Apartment

How They Asked

Last Saturday morning, I woke up early and left to go run errands and get my nails done (great timing, I know!) While I was out, Sal texted me asking me to tell him when I’d be back so he could make us brunch – I didn’t think much of this because Sal usually makes us breakfast on the weekends, so I texted him with my ETA and headed home.

When I walked in our apartment door, Sal was in the kitchen looking like he was about to make breakfast and our puppy, Addie, ran up to greet me like she usually does. I instantly noticed a new, red dog tag on Addie’s collar that I had never seen before. When I bent down to see the tag, I first saw the date engraved, “6-1-19”, and then flipped the tag over to reveal another engraving that read, “Will you marry Dad?” I quickly turned around to see Sal on one knee with the ring! I immediately said yes and started crying because I was so happy and surprised!

After calling our families and close friends to share the great news, we celebrated that evening by going to dinner at our favorite restaurant and of course enjoying some champagne.

I loved how intimate, surprising, and thoughtful Sal’s proposal was – and thought it was so cute how he involved our first puppy together.