Kelley and Nic

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How We Met

Nic and I met at Crossfit Arcane in Greeneville. It was my first day, and I found a rack farthest away so no one would see me lifting. As I started lifting, I noticed this really cute guy walking toward me. He got on an air dyne (bike for crossfitters) directly behind me. My immediate thoughts were, “of all places in the gym for him to go… why is he behind me?!” On the plus side, he did compliment my form.

A couple of days later at the gym, he asked me if I wanted to do an extra workout. Little did I know he was trying to kill me. Once the workout was over, I was gathering my things to leave when he said, “Hey Kelley, come here.” I walked over and with a mischievous grin he said, “Never mind.” I was furious. I went home thinking of a million ways to find out what he wanted. I didn’t want to message him too soon… 10 agonizing minutes later I sent him a Facebook message talking about our extra workout (nice cover…right?). The conversation quickly led to finding out why he said never mind… we’ll keep that one between us.

At this time, my best friend was a few weeks from getting married and I needed a date. The gym owner suggested, jokingly, that I hire Nic as an escort. I was in Atlanta on the bachelorette trip when the girls decided I should just ask Nic to be my date. Not knowing he was 19, my 24-year-old self asked… and he accepted.

The rest is history….

how they asked

Nic’s mom told me she had a commercial made for her business. She wanted me and Nic to go with her to watch the commercial to make sure it looked okay. Saturday morning of October 8th we were running a little behind. I decided I wanted to wear sweatpants, but Susan insisted we all dress up. I kept saying that I wasn’t in the commercial so it wasn’t important for me to dress up. Missed clue #1

Susan also asked me to go with her to get our nails done before the commercial, but because we were running behind I insisted we go after. Missed clue #2

Nic, Susan, my mom, and I rode to Johnson City to watch the commercial at Reel to Reel. We arrived, meeting Zach and Priscilla, and went in to a theater all to ourselves. Everyone seemed to be having trouble finding a seat, which was weird but I just sat down. Nic immediately went to the bathroom. Missed clue #3

The “commercial” started, and as soon as the music started playing my mother started crying. Completely confused and a little annoyed I asked what was wrong with her. Missed clue #4

I continued to watch the “commercial”, not wanting to hurt Susan’s feelings, but thinking… “How is this going to help her business?” For a split second, I thought maybe..just maybe, this was something else, but did he ask my dad. My dad was the next on the “commercial” and then I knew.

Not only did Nic have a theater rented out, a video created of all my friends and family, but he also invited all of those people to the theater to be apart of our special day.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Zach Wampler
 | Videographer