Kelley and Joe


How We Met

Joe and I met in high school freshman year. I was seated alphabetically behind him in homeroom and we became close friends. We shared a locker and even went to senior prom together (my mom loves to tell the story about the look he had on his face when he saw me dressed up that day).


We dated casually a few times throughout the past fourteen years but not seriously until about 3.5 years ago.


We moved in together almost immediately and it was already very comfortable, as if we had already fallen in love all those years ago and time was just catching up to us.



how they asked

I always told Joe there was no way he’d be able to surprise me when he proposed. I’m one of those jerks who hates surprises and always spoils the ends of movies by looking up what happens. I hate not being in on a secret, so I thought I’d be able to pick up on clues or people acting differently around me if they knew a proposal was coming. On Halloween day (hence the spooky manicure), our best friend who’s a realtor asked me to take some photos of her beachfront listing, as I had done for another listing of hers a few weeks prior. I suspected nothing. We drove down to the shore together and took photos of the interior, then headed to the beach to get some shots of the view. As I was taking photos of the water, Joe, with a bouquet of roses in his hands, tapped me on the shoulder from behind.


When I turned around he got down on one knee. I was so surprised that I can’t even remember what he said – luckily Rachael had stepped to the side and filmed the whole thing. I had no makeup on, my hair was a mess, my manicure was chipped – but it was so perfect because he caught me completely off guard. It was golden hour at the beach, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and we were standing in the sand. Just ecstatic that we were finally engaged.