Kelley and Jake

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rooftop at our home over looking Venice Beach

How We Met

I met Jake three years ago! It was the Friday before Thanksgiving. A former co-worker friend of mine was having a birthday at a hole in the wall bar in Studio City. I was tired but decided to go. Unbeknownst to me, two other friends convinced asked Jake to tag along to the birthday after their college reunion sushi dinner 3 years past due. Supposedly, my friend, Keetin said, there is a nice girl that you should meet.

Where to Propose in Rooftop at our home over looking Venice Beach

I sat down at the bar and saw Jake. He was so cute and handsome. We talked for hours and I left feeling like I had met someone special. I even texted my mom and said, I think I met a really nice guy. I texted my friend, Jake is so nice! He connected us, but Jake wasn’t the best texter. I didn’t travel home Thanksgiving, so I went to two friends-givings that day. My match-maker friend invited Jake and the rest is history!

Proposal Ideas Rooftop at our home over looking Venice Beach

We’ve had so many amazing life adventures so far! I can’t wait for our future together!

Kelley and Jake's Engagement in Rooftop at our home over looking Venice Beach

How They Asked

I had just come home from Pilates and was lounging in the kitchen. I got a text from Jake that asked, “Did you get my letter?” I ran into the bedroom and there I saw a red dress and red rose laying on the bed. He left a note that said, “Put this on and come to the roof!”

I quickly got dressed and ran over to the rooftop at our home overlooking Venice. There he was standing there in his new suit and looking so handsome. I walked over and asked, “What’s going on?” He said some beautiful things about our relationship over the last three years and how it has made us stronger, happier and better people. I couldn’t agree more! I said YES and couldn’t be happier. I love you, Jake.

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