Kelley and Gianfranco

How We Met

Gianfranco and I attended the same college together many years ago at St. John’s University. We took a few classes together and naturally became Facebook friends. Back when Facebook was first created, you were friends with everyone who you went to school with!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Club Quarters Hotel Rooftop, NYC

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Club Quarters Hotel Rooftop, NYC

3 years ago a mutual friend showed me his picture and I immediately recognized him as “the guy with the cool Italian name” that I had gone to college with! We met up for drinks one night in Freeport, Long Island and I immediately knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him!

how they asked

I was finishing up teaching my first year at a brand new school. Gianfranco suggested meeting him in New York City after my last day to celebrate with dinner. Having a hunch that this could be the proposal I had finally been waiting for, I set out to find the perfect outfit! Gianfranco suspected that I knew something was brewing and decided to start throwing me off. He forwarded me an email from his boss about a cocktail party that was taking place that day and invited me to attend. He said we would reschedule dinner for another time as he wanted me to meet his boss and co-workers. I met Gianfranco at Penn Station in Manhattan and we took a cab down to the Club Quarters Hotel by the World Trade Center.

When we finally arrived, Gianfranco had cleverly placed a sign with his company’s name pointing to the rooftop outside. As we stepped outside to an empty rooftop, I quickly realized that tonight was something special. Candles led a beautiful pathway to a private table set with champagne for two.

With a magnificent backdrop of New York City behind us, Gianfranco got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! Of course I said yes!!! We sipped on champagne and then headed to a bar in my hometown of Lynbrook where family and friends met us to celebrate! The biggest surprise was my brother who flew in from Florida just for the proposal!

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