Kelley and Evan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rittenhouse Square— Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

Evan and I met in high school Spanish class. We were friendly with one throughout high school, but never anything more then friends. About a midway senior year, he asked me to be his girlfriend officially on Valentine’s Day with a teddy bear and roses. In the card, he addressed me formally as his girlfriend. Funny thing is, my godfather & Evan’s Father were actually police officers in the same town. One day, they hid in my backyard looking for someone who they were searching for in the woods. My Uncle Rob explained that he was his sister & brother-in-law’s home & mentioned me too. I believe I was about three at the time and Evan’s father said he had a son the same age. They discussed how it would be funny if we dated one day. This Valentine’s Day we will be celebrating our ten year anniversary!! #KAndEMeantToB

How They Asked

Evan and I live together in Philadelphia. We adore living in the city. In the past few years, we have spent a day or so near the holidays walking around and looking at all of the festive decors including my favorite part, the decorated trees throughout the city. I am a Registered Nurse and this year was my holiday to work so Evan worked around my schedule to plan everything. He asked what I wanted to do the weekend of December 21st since I was working a lot in the upcoming days around Christmas.

He suggested we venture around the city. We have a shared calendar and he penciled in an itinerary for the day beginning with brunch and stopping by the tree in Rittenhouse Square followed by a day filled with fun. I was a little suspicious but went along with the plan.

Where to Propose in Rittenhouse Square— Philadelphia, PA

We walked around the park and when we got to the decorated tree, he asked if I wanted to take a picture together. I agreed, but we could just take it ourselves. He suggested we ask someone to take it and asked a man nearby who was taking photos of the scenery with his professional camera to take a picture on our iPhone. I said let’s just take a selfie instead.

He proceeded to ask the man to please take the picture for us. One picture led to another and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The man was actually the photographer he hired. Afterward, we went to Frankford Hall and all of our close family, friends were there to celebrate. It was a holiday celebration to remember with Santa and all. Santa truly came a little early with the best surprise!! We spend the weekend celebrating and ended with an Eagles win over the Cowboys. Needless to say, it will be a tough weekend to beat!!

Proposal Ideas Rittenhouse Square— Philadelphia, PA

On this exact day 62 years ago my grandparents got engaged too & we had no idea until my Grandmom told everyone!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rittenhouse Square— Philadelphia, PA

Special Thanks

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