Kelley and Andrew

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March 8th 2015 I randomly met an amazingly good looking man. Exactly one year later, in the exact same location that amazingly good looking man asked me to be his forever. I am still so extremely in shock from the events.

Two weeks ago, my love Andrew asked me if I’d like to go to dinner to celebrate the first time we met. He is always surprising me and keeping me on my toes, of course I said yes! Unfortunately the restaurant where we first met was closed on Tuesdays. We opted to go to our second favorite. That day around 4:30 we both came home from work and started to freshen up for our dinner. I was ready within minutes, didn’t feel like doing my hair so I wore it natural and decided to just wear some casual clothes….why not! Andrew stalled a few times, said he just wanted to talk and hear about my day over a beer. He knows how impatient I am so I was kind of shocked that he was delaying our dinner, lol but I love lounging around with him so that’s what we did for a few! We got in the car and drove towards our destination. Once in town he took a right turn instead of a left, left was to our dinner spot, right was to the first restaurant that we met. I asked him what he was doing he said he just wanted to ride through town once. He then pulled into the back parking lot of the restaurant. I was so confused, he said “let’s just see if they are open, they may be!” I’d follow him anywhere and he knows this so I happily jumped out of the car and walked towards the restaurant.

Once we rounded the corner I saw it…..a small round black patio table with a dozen red roses, champagne and two champagne flutes. I immediately cried, not because I knew what was to come but because of how thoughtful this setup was! He laughed at me, poured me a glass and told me to just relax and enjoy the beautiful day. He then told me he was chilly and had to run to the car to get his jacket. Once he returned he pulled a gold box from under his jacket and placed it on the table. This wasn’t a ring box, it was large, a normal gift box! I was so excited and asked him if I could open it. He smiled and gave me the box. I opened it to find a beautiful rose figurine, he knows that I’m a flower fanatic and roses are of course one of my favorites! I loved it!!!

Then what came next I was totally not expecting, I was actually shaking and in shock. Time stopped for a moment, I could barely hear let alone breathe. All I could see was the man of my dreams, the man I’ve dreamed of since I was a child, my King getting down on one knee. He opened the Rose figurine that doubled as a ring box….he asked me to be his wife. I’d like to say I screamed “YES!!!” But instead I ugly cried so hard, I couldn’t believe it! He asked me again, this time I jumped to my feet and screamed YESSSSSS!!!!! I threw my arms around him as I stood on my toes and hugged him as hard as possible! He laughed and kissed me several times then asked me to look over to the left… That’s when I saw our photographer and friend, Brooke Jackson coming out of a bush! She caught the entire moment!!!!! I squealed and hugged her.

The rest is history…..I’m now engaged to the man of my dreams! I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with my King.

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