Keli and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I went to high school together and although I never remember us talking (he says we did… oops) we knew of each other. We connected the summer of 2013, a few years after we both had graduated. We spent the whole summer together and it was magical! But as the summer came to end, Chris knew he was planning on moving for school and my dream was to move to New York City for a business internship. We stayed in touch as “just friends” as I moved to the big apple and he finished college. Two years later, after my internship, I moved back to Alabama the spring of 2015 and on March 30th (yes, I even remember the date!) he asked to hang out. I hesitantly (but secretly excited) agreed and the rest is history! We’ve literally been together ever since and it has been an absolute dream. Everyday is an adventure and we’re excited for forever.

how they asked

On April 7th, 2017 we flew to New York City to spend the weekend. That evening we went to one of my favorite spots in all of New York – the Brooklyn Bridge Park. As the sun was setting over the Manhattan skyline, we walked up on what looked like the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast (anyone that knows me, knows that I’m obsessed). It was right then and there that Chris knelt on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. (He actually had to ask twice because I was crying and suddenly forgot how to speak.) It was the most magical moment and I could never have dreamed of anything better.

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