Keleigh and Brian

How We Met

When I was twenty one I studied abroad in Rome and it truly changed my life. I almost moved there after I graduated college but I started a new job waitressing at a restaurant where I met Brian. We hung out every day at work and would spend hours after closing up just talking to one another about everything from our past, our (then) current situations and our future. I would always talk about Rome and Brian always talked about his love for Hawaii – we both had plans to move in completely opposite directions but fate had a different plan. Fast forward 5 years later, Brian and I now have been to Hawaii twice, we now own that L.I restaurant we met at and bought a home together in New York and this September (2019, after a really rough year) we FINALLY made it to Rome together.

how they asked

Although we both wanted to get married we had numerous conversations that the timing was just tough with work so I was completely surprised when Brian decided to finally pop the question in Italy. He had the ring for a few days waiting for the right moment but when we got to the Vatican he knew it was right because our relationship is built not only on the foundation of our faith in one another but on our faith in God as well. Despite the rain, he insisted we hang around to get a picture in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. We finally asked a (n absolutely amazing) stranger to take our picture. Brian turned towards me got down on one knee and after I repeatedly asked him what he was doing, I finally came out of my state of shock and realized the best day of my life was happening.

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This beautiful stranger captured the best 70+ live photos of my favorite person in the world asking me to spend the rest of my life with him in my favorite place in the world. It couldn’t have been more perfect – especially since we had a week ahead to celebrate just the two of us in Italy! Well, when we got home I was in for another BIG surprise and that “yes” moment was about to get more perfect. Turns out, Brian had proposed to me with a decoy cubic zirconia ring while in Italy!

When we got back from the airport he had our bed covered in roses, candy, pictures and a big box on the bed. I was again completely stunned. I opened the box, found another little box and there it was my dream ring, I look up and Brian was down on one knee again! Naturally, I said yes!