Keleigh and Benny

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How We Met

Benny and I met at the bar he worked at in Tyson’s Corner Virginia. Our first date consisted of his nieces quincenera. He drove the whole way to Pennsylvania to pick me up and brought with him little presents for my dog. He had my heart at that moment. We danced and ate(and drank)and he tried to ask me to be his girlfriend at that moment. I told him no and told him it had to be more personable. About a week later on December 2, 2013. I drove down to manassas where he was living at the time. He told me he had rented a hotel room for us because his sister had company. Little did I know he had a little surprise for me. When I walked into the hotel room there was a sign and rose petals that said will you be mine. (And that was just how they asked to be my boyfriend!!! After that we went to silver diner my new favorite spot and we went ice skating at Reston Town Center ⛸ . Benny makes sure every day of my life is an adventure and a happy day. He is a blessing in disguise… and very patient human being.

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how they asked

Fast forward to 4 years later and the 1st week of December. I had an inkling that Benny may propose but I was brushed off by him saying he had to work on our anniversary. So my suspicions were squashed! I also received a phone call from my best friend Katie saying that Benny did not have enough money for an engagement ring at the moment. On December 2nd Benny woke me up saying that he did not have to work. I made him some breakfast and we agreed to go Christmas shopping. Benny agreed to take me ice skating (for our 4 year anniversary ). The whole day I was complaining about Christmas shopping and all the people . I tried to change Benny’s plans for the whole day. Benny got me pizza and I was happy. Later in the day we arrived at Reston Town Center. Benny put on a coat that he wore 4 years earlier. I thought nothing of it. We walked around Reston for a little and then headed to the skate ring. We ice skated for a total of 10 mins with a few close calls of falling. I skated over to the side of the rink. When I got there I saw my friend Mary who lives in the area. I asked (with Benny standing behind me) what are you doing here. Mary replied and stated that she was coming to watch people ice skate. At that moment she held her camera up at me and told me to turn around. When I turned around there Benny was on one skate proposing to me. With a few curse words and few tears I realized he was proposing!!! After a few seconds I realize my best friend Katie surprised me by coming as well! Que the tears!! After about 2 mins of crying I finally said YES!!

After we got off the skate rink some of our family arrived to wish us well. I also called my parents and let them know of the great news. Of course they already knew. We finished the night with our favorite place Silver Diner and lots of wine!!!

Benny even made sure I had my nails done!!!! My man ❤️

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