Kelcy and Ryan


How We Met

Kindergarten- that’s where our story begins. If you ask Ryan, he knew I was the one the first time we met all those years ago. If you ask me, I have a horrible memory and trying to remember that far back isn’t going to get anyone very far! We went to all of the same schools together and shared a lot of mutual friends. On February 21, 2008 during our junior year of high school, Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend and that’s where our story starts!



About eight and a half(ish) years later, through tons of snowboarding and dirt bike riding adventures, countless dinner dates, a hundred plus Disneyland trips, two college graduations, and the best years of our lives, we are still so in love!

how they asked

Ryan and I have a fascination with the Colorado mountains and wilderness. He’s been to various parts of Colorado, multiple times on an annual dirt bike ride called the Colorado 1000, but I had never been before. This summer, we had the opportunity to travel to Colorado for our summer vacation. Having just found out that I will be starting Graduate School for my Master’s in Occupational Therapy in September, I knew this would be my one last stress free vacation!

A self-proclaimed Disney fan, I love anything and everything that has to do with Disney, Disneyland, Disney movies, etc….you name it, I love it! Being together for so long, I’ve rubbed off a bit of my Disney obsession on Ryan too! I always loved the story of Up! and the characters of Carl and Ellie! The love story in the beginning of the movie where two little kids meet, grow up together, fall in love, and spend their life together is like our life story made into an eight minute movie segment!

During our trip, Ryan and I were hitting all the spots that he had been to and wanted to show me! I dreamed of seeing Ouray, Crested Butte, and Telluride since he came back from his first trip with the brochures in hand. Throughout our trip, Ryan kept talking about being on an adventure, which I loved but was totally oblivious to the fact that he could be making any reference to the movie Up! (If you haven’t seen the movie, #1. You should, #2. Ellie and Carl have a book that they’ve placed their lives adventures, hopes, and dreams in called “Our Adventure Book”, and #3. In their adventure book, Ellie and Carl dream of moving their house to the edge of Paradise Falls).

Up House

Driving into Telluride, Ryan kept telling me he wanted to show me something. So we kept going- straight to the end of town which ends in a beautiful waterfall. We drove up the trail that led us closer to the top of the waterfall where a beautiful, old house was sitting at the top. About half way up the trail and the waterfall, we got out to take some pictures…because how could you not?! As we’re taking pictures, Ryan stops me and says, “I got you a book.” At that point, I turned around and he handed me a pocket sized “Our Adventure Book” from the movie Up!

Ryan ring

Thinking that it was going to have pictures of our journey together over the past eight years, I opened it. On the first page and in the most beautiful font, were the words “Will You Marry Me?”.

Us ring

The second page wasn’t a second page at all, but instead was a base holding the most gorgeous engagement ring I have ever seen! After asking “really?” about three or four times, fighting back tears of the utmost joy, and him eventually asking me “does that mean yes?”, I said “yes!” and made the best decision of my life!