Kelcie and Rodrigo

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How We Met

We have been together since we were 17 years old, the out of the books, boy/girl next door story (except we lived across the street from each other, ha). We started out as close friends, always hung out at each others houses to just watch tv or eat dinner, even when we were dating other people, hung out as foursome, in groups of friends, or third wheeling with each other, lol, it didn’t matter. What ultimately led to us finally being together was me getting my heartbroken from another. Circa, senior year in high school, because we were so close, the girl Rodrigo was dating at the time, wanted to share information with me she heard about the guy I was currently dating. Maybe her intentions were out of spite, or maybe they were to simply get in good with the best friend, but what she had to share completely broke me. The guy I was dating at the time got his ex-girlfriend pregnant (he was a year older than us.) I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, I immediately dumped the bastard (realizing did he not only cheat on me, but this was information that was known for sometime if she was already certainly pregnant) I was heartbroken, something like that has never happened to me, he was only my second boyfriend ever! Being the best person I know, Ro (Rodrigo) was there for me through it all. Literally letting me be his shoulder to cry on. He hung out with me every day or night during that time, even if it meant cancelling or not hanging out with the girl he was dating to stay with me (she eventually broke it off). This time brought us closer than ever. I knew that we were becoming more than friends, because someone wouldn’t go out of their way so much to care for you during a time of heartbreak if they didn’t have feelings for you. During his family’s summer bbq, he made it official, and ask me to be his girlfriend. it was the worst and best time of my teenage years. We’re turning 27 this year, that’s a decade with my boy next door, and I love him more now then I did back then.

how they asked

We decided for our 10 year anniversary we would throw 5 locations into a hat a pick out our anniversary destination, we chose Barcelona, Spain. We would spend 4 days there, and our anniversary would fall on our last full day there (our anniversary was on June 29, 2017.) While planning the trip I let him know that I wanted to take an anniversary picture in front of the Arc de Triomf, it was like it was meant to be to save that destination for last. When we arrived at the arc, we did our typical tourist things, I took tons of pictures on my SLR camera and phone. I asked him if he thought someone might be able to take a picture of us, its as if fate was on our side, he asked what turned out to be the kindest girl that was actually American like us visiting with her family (who was also taking pictures on an SLR of her own!). As he ran back over to stand by me to take the picture and I’m getting pose ready I feel that he is no longer directly next to me.. What I find when I turn to my side is the most perfect soul, down on one knee, on our 10 year anniversary, asking me for forever ..and I said yes! I asked him if he let the girl know in advance what he was about to do and all he said was “no, I just asked her if she would be wiling to take a picture of us and just hope that it would work out” IT SURELY DID. I’m still thankful for that girl, that was there at the right place and right time to capture this magical moment. (and to her mom that started crying with me, saying they would always remember us in front of that Arc! Love her!)

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