Kelcie and Matt

image.aspxHow We Met: I was 13 when I first saw Matt. I remember everything about the moment, what I was wearing, where we were standing, the noises around me.

It was at my church lock-in retreat, and my best friend had told me that a boy she wanted to introduce me to was coming.

I was standing at the top of the staircase when I saw him walk in and my friend whispered “That’s him”.

It sounds like a preteen movie, I know, but it was one of those moments where everything stops, the cheesy music plays, and birds dance around my head. I knew just looking at him that he was going to change my life.

how they asked: It was 9 years after we met. We had now been dating for 5 of those years, as he was preparing to move 3 hours north for a new job. I had anxiously (and not very patiently) been waiting for him to propose. I knew it was coming sometime this year, but I hated wondering each day if today was the day.

The night before he moved, he told me to hurry home from work because he had an evening planned for just the two of us. Being hopeful, I dressed up a little- but not enough to where it looked like I was too eager. Matt took me out to our local nature center. When we came around a corner, there was a picnic table set back amongst the trees. My heart started to speed up as we walked up to the setting of a decorated table. There was homemade food, candles, wine, flowers and petals all over the table. I kept looking over at Matt during our dinner. Was he ever going to ask?! This was obviously the perfect moment. Instead, he took me home that night. Talk about a surprise.

The next morning I was an emotional wreck. My boyfriend was moving, I wasn’t engaged, and we were going to be doing the long distance relationship. We had done it before, when I was oceans away, but now I was so used to seeing him everyday that this was too much of a change. He left me at his parents’ for a bit while he and his brother went to get some of his last minute things from his apartment.

When they got back he called me out to the car and said he wanted to take me to one last place before he left. I knew this was my last hour with him, so I was thrilled to have any alone time with him. We pulled up at his family’s land in the country. It was a special place for us because it was where we shared our first kiss and had laid under the stars talking for hours on many occasions.

I was confused when we got out and I saw a table set up with some decorations. At this point, I was hopeful, but also skeptical since I didn’t want to get my hopes up like the night before. Until he turned me towards him. “These have been the best 5 years of my life.” Then everything went blurry when I saw him reaching for his pocket and I started to cry.

After we BOTH stopped crying, Matt told me how he had originally planned on asking the night before at dinner, but there was a mistake with the ring shipment. It wasn’t until 15 minutes before the proposal that he actually went and picked up the ring. He said he couldn’t move without asking me to marry him first. Lucky for me, that meant he stayed one day later so that we could celebrate with family and friends.

I may have been dressed in old clothes, been sweaty from a long day of packing, and had been completely unprepared for a photographic moment, but I wouldn’t change a thing about that day where he caught me off guard and changed my life forever- just as I knew he would the day I first saw him. Now I am busy planning during the week and making trips between our hometown and Chicago on weekends. Counting down the days until I get to see him everyday for the rest of my life!