Kelcie and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan always had an eye for me. I was two years his younger but we grew up going to the same school. He noticed me first when I was standing in line at a school function when I was in 8th grade. He told himself that he needed to know me. He then spent the next three years trying to make conversation with me. I always smiled and said hello, but nothing more. After Jonathan graduated high school, he saw me driving behind him one evening for about 15 minutes. He decided to message me out of the blue with a smooth “Hey, quick question, were you stalking me the other night?!”. At 16 and had never dated before, this message rather startled me, but got me interested in what in the world he was talking about! 10 Days. It only took 10 days of messaging for me to know this kid had a hold of my heart. Messages came in daily and were only getting longer and longer. So I invited Jonathan to come and watch me cheer at my high school football game. This would be our first encounter in person since the messages began.

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I was never one to believe in “love at first sight”. But after the game, he waited at the gate for me, and as I walked toward him and our eyes locked, and I saw it all. My future hit me in a flash. And the words “I could spend the rest of my life with this guy” ran across my brain. We spent as much time as we could together for the next two months, but then Jonathan left for college almost 2,000 miles away! We had our rough days, but we endured 5.5 years of long distance in the pursuit of our degrees.

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how they asked

A few weeks before engagement day, Jonathan planned a relaxing day trip to Carmel, California. This was nothing out of the ordinary as Carmel is our favorite coastal getaway. I had a hunch that the engagement was coming (after all we had only been dating about 7 years!). I kept trying to figure out if this might be the day! BUT Jonathan acted as if he had ZERO real plans and allowed me to pick the activities of our day. During the day, I kept trying to figure out if today might be the day (terrible right?!). I looked to see if I could tell if there was anything in his pockets, I asked and asked and asked if there was anything specific that he wanted to do. He had only one request that we try a new restaurant at the end of our day. I asked if he had made reservations, he said no (a little bit of my hope crushed again) so he “called” and made reservations for 7:30, also replying to the person on the line “no, no special occasion”. We spent the rest of the day just enjoying our favorite little California coast town. It was honestly the best day. Toward the end of the evening, we were enjoying a drink at our favorite place and I said we should get going if we want to drive the coast and stop at the beach before dinner reservations. He kept stalling and I kept getting a little impatient because I wanted to see the beach but also didn’t want to be late for dinner! We then drove the coast and stopped at the end of Scenic Road where there was a perfect, empty beach. He suggested we take a quick little walk, maybe snap a picture, and then rush off to our reservations. (I had zero clue anything was coming because of how close we were cutting it to our dinner reservations!). After a long walk, he pointed to a golf ball in the sand and said “how did the get there?” I picked it up and it was customized with “Kelcie, I will love you always and forever” with rings printed on the other side. He grabbed both of my hands and began his speech saying “ever since I saw you at Dr. Dutter’s office…(the school function in Jr. High)” and I just burst into laughter! I use to always laugh at the fact he has liked me since simply spotting me in line and I having no clue for 3+ years!

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He then went into telling me about how much he loved me and how every mile and trial has only brought us closer. (I began crying then of course!). He had the sweetest words but I was so ready to just say YES that I actually interrupted and told him to just ask me! (There I go, being impatient again!).

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He laughed and continued and then asked the question I had dreamed about since the day we met at the football game. I screamed “OF COURSE I WILL!”. Right after the tide came in and almost swept us off our feet! We were soaked, but didn’t mind one bit!

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Soon after, a professional photographer came out and continued snapping pictures of the moment. She then took us to a few extra locations and captured our bliss. It took me a while to realize that the dinner reservation was not real and that he had actually already reserved a table at a quaint and authentic Italian restaurant in town where we called our parents, enjoyed some champagne, and a fancy dinner. This was beyond the happiest day in both of our lives and we cannot wait to become husband and wife!

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Special Thanks

Amandarose Szezorak
 | Photographer