Kelci and BJ

Kelci's Proposal in Timothy Hill - Saint Kitts Island

How We Met

Throughout high school BJ and I always had mutual friends and were aware of who the other one was, but we had never actually met. During my second year of pharmacy school, my roommate, Autumn, was dating BJ’s best friend, Chase, and our paths FINALLY crossed. Being around BJ quickly became one of my most favorite things. He was constantly making everyone laugh and smile (especially me). Not to mention, his smile lit up the ENTIRE room. It’s safe to say, he gave me butterflies. I knew that there was something much deeper than a friendship; I loved him, and I knew from the very start that he was the one, MY one. In January of 2016, he swept me away to Pittsburgh for a romantic weekend getaway, and on our official first date, at our favorite restaurant (Ruth’s Chris), he asked me to be his girlfriend. And every single day since then he has been in my corner cheering for me, loving me, cherishing me, AND of course…spoiling me.

how they asked

We had been planning our spring break vacation for several months. Since we were going on a cruise, we did a ton of research on all the islands that we would be visiting. I had picked out a ton of different spots that I wanted to visit, but one stood out to me more than all of the others. I told BJ over and over again that I just really wanted to see where the Caribbean ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean in St. Kitts (Timothy Hill). Even the day that we were boarding the cruise ship all I could talk about was the view and how excited I was to get to see it! It was finally the fourth day of our cruise and our stop was in St. Kitts. BJ had been up since 5 am that morning and he woke me up first thing, insisting that I hurry and get ready so that we could go explore the island. I was slightly thrown off because he was so anxious and wanted to be the first people off the ship. Little did I know – he was awake because he was so incredibly excited for the journey we were about to begin.

As I got ready the morning of March 8th, 2017, the day that I would become his fiancé, we chatted about what we were going to do that day. Since we had already planned to explore the island and visit Timothy Hill while we were there and I just HAD to get a picture in front of the beautiful view, we both decided to wear normal clothes and take a backpack with our swimsuits in it (thankfully, I was not wearing a bathing suit/cover-up for the big moment). We had finally gotten off the ship and were immediately surrounded by taxi driver’s offering rides to different spots all around the island, and since we were so anxious, we agreed to go with the first one that approached us. We found ourselves in a taxi-van with 8 other passengers. The other 8 people all wanted to go to the beach, none of them wanted to stop at Timothy Hill.

The ride to the beach was short, and whenever our driver stopped the taxi and let everyone off she was very confused as to why we did not want to be dropped off yet. We kindly asked her if there was any way that she could take us to Timothy Hill. She was hesitant at first because the other 8 passengers had been rude to her about the price of the ride. However, she ended up agreeing and driving us up to Timothy Hill. Once we got there I jumped out of the van and hurried to see the view. Not paying any attention to BJ or the taxi-driver or any of my surroundings, I began taking pictures of the view. I was so absorbed in how breathtaking it was, I completely forgot that I was standing there alone. A few seconds had gone by and I FINALLY turned around, I realized that I was no longer alone. I looked down and there was the LOVE of my life, down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring that I had ever seen.

Proposal Ideas Timothy Hill - Saint Kitts Island

Hearing him say “Kelci LeAyn Jones, will you marry me?” is the best thing that I have ever heard any one person say. I only said yes about a thousand times. After the thousandth time, I realized that BJ had given the taxi-driver his phone and she was snapping pictures left and right. ALL three of us were crying, I was actually bawling my eyes out (prior to vacation I had gotten some water-proof mascara for swimming purposes).

I was in complete shock. The man of my dreams had asked me to be his wife, in the most perfect place that I had ever been. As I write this, I find myself crying again because I just do not know how I got this lucky!