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How We Met

Over the summer of 2014 I took on an internship at Baldwin-Wallace University, which was different from my usual lifeguarding and Wheeling Jesuit University orientation job. Ie had recently started using Tinder, a dating app, to broaden my horizons while in a new area about 45 minutes from my hometown. As a student at University of Toledo, Zach had to balance his school work with working full time. Being the ambitious guy he is, he decided to try an internship with Ohio Razor Wireless. This job had him doing a lot of traveling around Ohio and Michigan. He, too, was looking to take advantage of constant traveling by downloading Tinder as well to pass the time. As fate would have it, we matched while I was working at BWU and he was working on towers in downtown Cleveland, an area that neither of us would normally be in. We had only one Facebook friend in common. A mutual friend connection makes a person more likely to come up on the app. It turns out that the person was one of Zach’s fraternity brothers, whom he only knew through someone else, that had transferred to my alma mater and lived in the same dorm, on the same floor as me! From there we communicated over the app and text until finally the topic of a first date came up. Because of our busy schedules, the date was planned for a couple weeks from when he asked on the 4th of July. July 22nd, 2014 rolled around and we were set to meet in downtown Cleveland on a warm summer night. Just as I had gotten off work, Zach called me and said that his car had stopped accelerating. He was still a couple hours out so I couldn’t come pick him up and he wasn’t that close to home. Fortunately, he knows his way around cars and figured out that it was a loose accelerator cable. He tightened it and was on his way. We had an amazing time at Pho Thang Cafe, a family restaurant owned by one of Zach’s friends, then walked around downtown Cleveland for a while before getting Baskin Robbins and sitting in a Lowe’s parking lot so we could continue talking. We talked until 5 in the morning, until I saw my mom had called me worried about where I was since I was living at home for the summer. We said our goodbyes and since I’m the bold one, when he went to hug me goodbye I kissed him. I would later find out that his parents lived 3 hours away from where we met and he drove all that way for our first date!

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It was Christmas day, which is one of my favorite holiday’s, at his parent’s house. Because his family is so big (he has 5 siblings) and I bought everyone gifts last year, we did a classic gift exchange with pulled names. After that, we got our stockings with little things in it. Nothing really out of the ordinary to me. After we got everything out of there, we took the traditional Christmas family picture in our Christmas pajamas and I got up to get some Christmas donuts. Zach had disappeared somewhere after the stockings, then reappeared in my path with another gift bag. He told me there was one more thing he got me, and honestly I thought it was a gag gift because he’s a pretty hilarious guy. I reached inside, throwing the tissue paper in the air as I always do, and found a mostly empty tub with refrigerator letters inside. I found it to be odd only because there weren’t many letters in there. We had discussed at one point having the letters to make grocery lists on the spot so we could be more efficient. But then he said, “Maybe they spell something”. This all but confirmed my suspicions that this was something goofy, but I played along.

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I emptied the container out on the floor and attempted to decipher the code. I’m not very good at word scrambles. Actually, I’m terrible at them and always have been. I tried to figure it out on my own, but I needed some help, as is obvious in the video. His dog who adores me, Chomper, tried to help me but tried to eat them toward the end of the video when I had to put some distance between him and the choking hazard. I also should probably never play Wheel of Fortune because I didn’t guess puzzle until the last word. I was just about speechless when I realized it said, “Kelcey Will You Marry Me?” In the video, his mom is the one who begins sobbing first for the record. He then got down on one knee and asked me, “Baby will you marry me?” and all I could say was, “Of course I will”. He later apologized for not making some big speech about how much he loved me because he was so nervous. Zach, the entire time I’ve known him, isn’t one to really get nervous. He’s a very calm individual that doesn’t really even stress out about much.

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