Keith and Jenn

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How We Met

A mutual friend introduced Keith and I back in 2014. We were moving into the same apartment complex, and I was supposed to move into the apartment next door. Last-minute, my apartment number changed and I ended up in the next building instead. We eventually became friends and occasionally hung out in the same crowd. Keith ended up moving out of that apartment complex and I didn’t see him as much…

One night I was out with Keith’s roommate and he told me that Keith saw me out the week before, but wouldn’t tell me more than that… I was intrigued and curious as to what Keith had said about me, but his roommate wouldn’t break “roommate code” and tell me. A few days alter, I saw Keith and I was flirtier than usual guessing that he had said he thought I was cute or something along those lines. We ended up making plans to go tailgate that Saturday for an Ohio State Football game and have been together ever since!


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How They Asked

Keith received a new job in May and we were living in different cities for the first time. Being apart made me want to be engaged even more and I couldn’t help but to keep asking when it was happening. He kept telling me to stop asking and he wanted it to be a surprise.

The week leading up to our engagement, Keith sent me a calendar invite for dinner at “M,” one of our favorite restaurants. A few days later, he told me we were going to Topgolf on Friday and I was even more suspicious knowing that we already had plans on Saturday for dinner. He told me he invited our parents to Topgolf so I started to guess that he would ask this weekend at dinner. I assumed he just wanted our parents to all be together beforehand and that’s why we were going to Topgolf. I tried to get details from my bestie all week, but she wasn’t budging. She acted so calm and even asked “you don’t think he would do it at Topgolf do you?” We ended up going to Topgolf on Friday with my parents and his mom. We were having so much fun, all engagement thoughts actually slipped my mind! It was my turn to hit the ball and I was missing terribly. I told Keith I was done because I was terrible and he told me to try one more time. I noticed his mom and my mom both with their phones like they were taking pictures, but honestly just thought they were making fun of me for missing. I hit the ball one more time and turned around for Keith’s stamp of approval to find him down on one knee, with the biggest smile on his face! He definitely surprised me and I was so happy. I walked up to him and he said, “Are you going to say yes?” To which I responded, “You haven’t asked!” And of course, I said yes!

We are getting married on August 1st, 2020!

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