Keith and Alexandra

Image 1 of Alexandra and Keith

How We Met

It all began on New Year’s Eve back in 2010. I was in my basement with my best friend Alyssa at the time when I remember checking my Facebook page and saw that I had a new message. “Happy New Years” from Keith McNicholl. I thought to myself why is this kid messaging me. Granted we were in the same grade and attended high school together, I just thought it was random because we never interacted. I decided to message him back and before you know it we exchanged phone numbers via Facebook. We texted each other for a few months or so until I realized that I didn’t want to get into anything serious with someone. Keith and I slowly stopped talking and went our separate ways.

Fast forward two years later ..Aug 2012. I was attending Farmingdale State College at the time and was finishing up to transfer to Molloy College. The end of summer was slowly settling & the new school year was approaching. Molloy College was my next stop. Little did I know I would receive another electronic telegram similar to the one I got in 2010. Instead this time I received a text from Keith asking if I still attend Farmingdale State College. Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t, but he was going to be transferring there. The texting from then on out continued for three weeks until we finally went on our first date. It took 6 months of “talking” and hanging out before Keith finally asked me to be his girlfriend on Jan 20th, 2013!

how they asked

The morning of July 29th, 2017 felt like a day in mid-October it was chilly, windy & rainy. That evening my best friend Alyssa had planned a dinner reservation at Captree Cove Resturant off the south shore of Long Island. Early July, Alyssa & I had spoken about a celebration dinner for multiple achievements amongst our family members & us. The dinner was to celebrate College & High School graduations. Alyssa explained that her sister Emily had started a new hobby of metal detecting, which may sound odd to some, but if you knew her it wasn’t so far-fetched. As we were on our way to the restaurant, I received a text from Alyssa saying that our table was not ready yet and that they would meet us on the beach. She also mentioned that Emily was metal detecting on the beach. As Keith my sisters, and I approach the beach, I see everyone on the beach with this metal detector.

Image 2 of Alexandra and Keith

Emily asked me if I wanted to test out the metal detector. As I’m looking for whatever it is you find when you metal detect, everyone was just having a casual conversation about summer vacation. All of a sudden from the bottom of the dunes I hear Keith shout out to me “Alex come down here, look what they’ve found so far.” At that moment, I had a weird notion that something was going on. As I rushed down to the dunes, I see Keith down on his knee with a beautiful white box next to him. I knew at this moment was what coming!!! Keith expressed his love for me while tears ran down his face, I was screaming with pure joy! I couldn’t believe it! I obviously said YES!!

Image 3 of Alexandra and Keith

After the big question was popped, Keith surprised me back at his house where we were greeted by all of our friends for a backyard engagement extravaganza! I was so overwhelmed by all of the love and joy from everyone.

Image 4 of Alexandra and Keith

Special Thanks

Alexandra Pyros
 | Photographer