Keirsten and Ryan

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How We Met

We met in high school when we were both sophomores. I was a new student to the small school while he had been attending the program since 5th grade. Junior year came and I had heard rumors of him liking me, but NO WAY he was just a friend and I didn’t see him in that way. He asked me to junior year prom and I decided that was going to be our one chance to see if it could work. We had a great time at prom and after we headed back to his house to change real quick and head to a friends. We were about to get in the car when he stole a kiss!! and oh I would love to say that I loved it BUT I DIDN’T and that made for an awkward rest of the night.

So the next morning we agreed to just be friends. So fast forward to the end of that summer and we are about to start senior year… I got a text from him asking to hang out, and I said yes thinking it would just be as friends, but when he picked me up I wasn’t so sure if he knew that so I spent the whole time dodging his hand and not even being there as a friend. So again we left as friends. So here is where it speeds up… senior year started and I wanted to ride with him and his family to a football game, so I asked and he of course said yes (what a sweetheart). I’m not sure what made me ask him but once we got to the game I guess it just all clicked. And I think I finally realized he was gonna wait for me no matter how many times I pushed him back into the “zone”. Anyways, 4 years later I am finally gonna get to marry my best friend and I couldn’t be more excited.

P.s. My dad always told me that if a guy really like me he would wait for me (since I wasn’t allowed to date till I was 17), and it was true, Ryan waited for me even when the odd didn’t look good for him. And I love him for not giving up on me.

how they asked

WOW!! What a perfect night. So to clear things up, since we had been dating for about 4 years at that point I did know it was coming, BUT I did not know when or how. So yes it was a surprise and it was perfect. I had gotten off of work and some of my closest friends wanted to go get their nails done and go out to dinner for a girls night out which was not uncommon. So we went and after they wanted to rent a movie (now I had suspicions, but at this point I didn’t think it was gonna happen and my friends did such a great job at playing it cool) and watch it at my house.

Once we had arrived to my house I walked in and saw all the lights in the backyard, and as I got closer I realized that it was happening.

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The backyard was BEAUTIFUL! The lights, the lanterns, the chandelier, all of our friends and family, and of course the most handsome man in the world waiting for me at the end of the candlelit walk way. It was what I had always imagined. oh and I said YES!

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