Keiran and Chaise

How We Met

Chaise and I met through a mutual friend, well kind of, in this case it was her Sister, Jamie. Jamie was snapchatting me and I thought her sister was cute. So we ended up becoming friends on Facebook in 2013. Anyway, she posted a selfie at a bus stop with the hash tag BusStopSelfie and so I replied in the comments with my very own Bus Stop selfie which became this funny thing we did. We sent selfies to each other whenever we were near bus stops. Sounds really weird. At this point, we got chatting and thought we should meet up.

Proposal Ideas Alexander House - Utopia Spa & Hotel

We met at TGI Fridays for a meal and ended up going for a stroll down the park. We have been inseparable since. She is my best friend and she inspires me to be better every day.

Keiran's Proposal in Alexander House - Utopia Spa & Hotel

how they asked

So, I actually bought the ring back in 2016 and planed to do it then. I asked for her parents permission who said yes but I wanted to make sure the proposal felt special and something always seemed to get in the way. We had always talked about weddings and the proposal and so I pretty much knew exactly how she wanted it. So, without realising she had planned pretty much everything, which she’d love.

She always liked this spa/hotel that she saw in one of Zoella & Alfie’s vlogs on YouTube called Alexander House – Utopia Spa. We had a look at the price and realise it would be costly, and not the sort of place for a casual weekend away. Not for us anyway. However, I booked us both in around Christmas, 11th December to be exact and thought it would be a great place for me to ask the question. She had hinted in the past she’d love that so I knew I would be on to a winner.

I paid for private dining in our very own private room so it would feel intimate and personal with no-one around to make us both feel at ease. I set up cameras hidden in corners of the room behind objects that I would hope would obscure her view so she wouldn’t have any idea. A few days before I told her I was treating her to have her hair done and nails done as I was going to be taking her for a nice meal whilst we were away.

Little did she know the reason was because I was going to be asking the question. She thought we were just going for a spa weekend.

An hour before asking the question, I went downstairs of the hotel and started prepping the room. There were candles and rose petals placed on the table. I had created a personal playlist of music to be played at our meal. I was ridiculously nervous and I’m not one for speeches so I had been rehearsing a short speech over and over. I was even pacing in the hotel room a couple hours before practicing which she thought was odd.

Finally, it got to the moment at our meal and everything went as planned. She said yes and proceeded to tell me she had a pretty good idea that the moment was coming.

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