Keila and Martin

How We Met

Martin and I had gone to the same University in Puerto Rico for nearly 2 years before we ever actually became friends. I had seen him around campus, but I always thought he was loud and obnoxious. We had a lot of mutual friends, so occasionally we would be in the same crowd and yet never really talk (again, I thought he was obnoxious). So as usual we were thrown into the same crowd due to a mutual friend’s birthday party. She was a very good friend to both of us, so we each got invited to the small dinner celebration that night. As the evening progressed we realized that we were the only two there that were not partnered up in some way, everyone was paying in couples except for the two of us. He started to joke around that we could be each others date, but that I had to pay for myself, lol! I playfully followed along and called him a lousy date. This encouraged him, in a way, to redeem himself, so he said that next time it would be better. After that night he started to message me on facebook and attempted to get my number, but I wasn’t gonna give it to him that easily, so of course I made him work for it. From then on, it was an almost daily conversation or crazy outing that we would go on until we both left the island two months later. I left thinking I simply made another interesting friend… little did I know that 2 years and 4 months later, after many long drives to visit each other, we would be engaged!

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how they asked

It was like any other weekend that he would come to visit. We had planned to spend our first Valentine’s day together as a couple. He wanted to make it special and cook for me on Sunday, the 14th, and just stay in. So, I didn’t think anything of it when he said he wanted to take me out and do something special Saturday night to kick off the Valentines day. He told me since we were going to be bums the next day that we had to dress up to go out. I had no idea where we were going, or if he even knew where to go since he doesn’t really know the area. On the way, we ended up hitting traffic. During one of the many times we had to stop, we ended up getting rear-ended. We had to pull over and I stayed in the car as he dealt with it. As he was getting it squared away, I looked in the mirror and saw him high-fiving and hugging the guy that hit us. I thought it was all very weird but didn’t think anything of it. He got back in the car and we ended up going to the art district. He told me he wanted to walk around and then maybe just get some coffee. We had done something similar on our first official date, so again I didn’t think much of it. We took a stroll and headed to this small alley where there was a small fountain hidden away. He said he wanted to stop there so we could throw pennies in and make a wish. I thought he was being cheesy and trying to recreate our first date, so I agreed. I slowly tossed in my penny because I felt him step back, I thought he was taking a picture (he’s done it before). I waited for a moment so he could throw his penny, but he was taking too long. That’s when I turned around and found him on one knee with a ring in hand! He said that he had only one wish, for me to marry him. I didn’t know what to think and thought he was joking again. Then I said the same words I had said when I agreed to go out with him… “Sure, why not!”

That’s when my close friends came out of nowhere! They had been hiding so they could take pictures. Apparently everyone knew about it, even the guy that had hit us earlier lol!

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