Keiko and Stephen

How We Met

It was January of 2016. Steve was new to Raleigh and living his best single life and I was gearing up to study for my medical school boards. (What better distraction than dating, Am I right?). As all millennial daters seem to find themselves submitting to, our love story began after swiping right in the land of bandwidth and data looking for a little “Tinder, Love, and Care.” Little did we know…this would be the swipe that made history. After a night of margaritas and what felt like an endless conversation, we both knew there was something very special about this date. It only took another month before I finally agreed to see Steve again for a second date. A few dates went by and before you knew it, Steve was professing to his brother that he’d met the gal he was going to marry. Three years later, we are both thriving in a long-distance relationship between Ohio and North Carolina delivering babies and making smiles and are soon to be married in May!

How They Asked

It happened in a magical winter wonderland in the Canadian Rockies. We had just arrived in Canada the night before and woke up early to make our way to Alberta for a day of dog sledding. We spent the morning mesmerized by the terrain and overjoyed with the week ahead of uninterrupted time together. We met up with our mushers in Canmore and began our journey dog sledding with our new furry friends. Little did I know, the dogs had been set up with dog tags that read “Will you Marry Me?” and the dogsledding company was well aware of Steve’s plans to propose.

Where to Propose in Banff, Canada

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Banff, Canada

Proposal Ideas Banff, Canada

Halfway through dog sledding, the musher stopped the sled in the middle of a valley tucked between the most stunning mountain ridges. As I got off of the sled, Steve handed me a card that was addressed for our three year anniversary that was filled with sweet nothings and hinted at a lifetime together. As we made their way to the front of the sled to “take a photo with the dogs”, in a matter of seconds Steve was down on one knee and the rest was history!

Keiko and Stephen's Engagement in Banff, Canada

We spent the rest of the week “engagement-mooning” at the enchanted Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise and adventuring through the Ice Fields Parkway. We only wished we could have adopted the sweet huskies who helped make our engagement a day to remember.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Banff, Canada

Special Thanks

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours
 | Photography, Engraved Dog Tags, Altered our tour so that we had alone time for the engagement