Kegan and Jessica

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How We Met

Kegan and I were introduced by a mutual friend our senior year in college. We were at a party and both of us insisted that we needed to go home and go to bed, so our friend grabbed us and said, “He has to go to work in the morning! And she has to go to the work in the morning! You two should meet!!” We lost touch for a few years and then my friends started hanging out with him. I kept seeing him every time I came up to Austin and so we started to talk again. One thing lead to another and after he wouldn’t stop texting me during new Game of Thrones episodes every Sunday, I realized I liked him too. Eventually, he convinced me to move back to Austin for a job in Dripping Springs and after a year and a half, here we are!

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how they asked

I was completely packed for what I thought would be my engagement trip to Cabo over a month out, but boy was I wrong! Instead, I woke up at 4 am to hang out with my future in-laws all morning waiting for my then-boyfriend to finish the Austin Half Marathon. My best friend joined us at the finish line and I spent the next hour convincing her she didn’t have to be there in the cold mist with us, but nevertheless, she insisted. I will say watching him and his best friend cross the finish line was exciting and well worth the 7 hour morning. After that, you’re left standing at the finish line with everyone wondering, well now what? Cue the future father-in-law insisting he needed a photo of us in front of the capital because he’s feeling Austin nostalgic.

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We weave our way through the crowd, right past my parents ducking and covering apparently, and make our way across the capital lawn front and center. Of course, I’m whining and complaining the entire time, wondering why on earth we care about this photo. Then he finally says, “This is good.”

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And I turn around and there he is on one knee in all of his sweaty race glory. This is the part where all I remember was yelling, “No way! No way!” in absolute shock and excitement. Then the shock and blurred memory gets worse when I look up and see my parents and best friend walking towards us and a photographer front and center. Luckily I get to relive this perfect moment over and over again because of the amazing pictures our undercover photographer captured that misty morning. My fiancé ran the half marathon that morning, but I came home with the hardware.

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Special Thanks

Caitlin Rose
 | Photographer