Kee and Robert

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Main Event in Jacksonville

How We Met

As much as I’d like to give you this story on how we met romantically or through mutual friends that didn’t quite happen. We met your none traditional way which was online on a dating app. He chased me for a year before I gave him any attention. Then when he stopped it made me curious and I reached back out to him. At first, he wasn’t having it since I stood him up on a few occasions but he eventually gave in. We actually moved in together the same day we made it official! I know, crazy right!? But, we’ve been inseparable ever since and we’ve become best friends doing everything together. He is the missing piece to my puzzle no matter how much I try to push him away. I honestly feel we’re a match made in heaven. So don’t give up hope you can definitely meet your match online.

How They Asked

We were doing a show because he’s a magician and sometimes I do shows with him as well. Well, apparently he had been planning this for months because he asked me to be in this particular show. He also had everyone in on it from the beginning and I seriously still had no idea. Well, at the end of the show that definitely didn’t go as we planned. He ended it with the greatest proposal ever lol well it’s up there with some of the greats and it’s definitely something I’ll never forget as long as I live.

Kee's Proposal in Main Event in Jacksonville

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